Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yaz? Are you nuts?

More evidence why the old media will soon be as irrelevant as the Cotton Gin.
The baby boomers may have the Rolling Stones, the Who and other various touring acts that keep nostalgia alive, but for Generation X, few bands capture both the sound and mood of the early 1980s better than the English duo Yaz. Made up of Alison Moyet on vocals and Vince Clarke on keyboards, the pair reunited for a 25th anniversary tour that hit the Chicago Theatre on Monday night.

In mean, this is utterly absurd. Maybe Yaz captured the moment for a particular month in 1984, but to hand them the title as the definitive band of the early 80's is as stupid as saying "nobody could beat the Kansas City Royals that first week of June".

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