Thursday, July 30, 2009

Personal responsibility begins at the dinner table

Order a salad, for Christsakes!
With this in mind, Generation X should pay close attention to the health care reform debate. So far two versions of a health care bill have emerged, one from a House committee and the other from a Senate committee. Both bills propose to make it mandatory for businesses to give their employees health care or pay into a government fund, but they differ on payroll thresholds and require different amounts of coverage.

But the one issue not frequently discussed in the debate is how to lower health care costs by improving lifestyle choices, especially those related to obesity and smoking. This is the debate our generation should be having.

Big business still loves boomers best

Leaving us to the buzzards.
In the 12 months ending June 2009, Gen Xers received 15% fewer health insurance marketing direct mail pieces than Boomers. Gen Y saw even fewer offers: 25% less than their parents’ generation. For life insurance, the younger generations are equally ignored: Gen X and Gen Y got 18% and 23% fewer mailings, respectively, than Baby Boomers did in the past year.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I need to move to the east coast of FL

The waves have been going off over that way.

End of the quarter for my bastard employer

Very busy. Have some music awesomeness.

This ended very poorly.......

Jesus. There are many people I wish this fate on.
Dunham, an injured dolphin that was nursed back to health for seven months and released Tuesday, was attacked and killed later in the day by a large shark. The Atlantic bottlenose dolphin was rescued in December off Anclote Key, emaciated and battered with cuts. He was released Tuesday morning from Honeymoon Island and briefly joined a pod of passing dolphin before heading south toward Clearwater Beach on his own. Approximately three hours later, as staff from Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Gulf World Marine Park and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute continued to follow Dunham in two boats, he surfaced bloody and in great distress. Before anyone could safely move in to help, he surfaced again with even worse bite wounds.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Auto Art

I don't watch a NASCAR or drag racing and find beauty. Yet in this motor sport Ken Block blurs the line between power and grace like a Kentucky Derby Winner. Even non-gear heads can appreciate the tire marks he leaves on the pavement canvas.

Ken also started the company DC Shoes. Support this GenXster if you need a new set of kicks for skateboarding.

Local Nightmare

Let this be the end of it. Hulkster and his now ex live locally, and us locals are bored of this drama. Regardless, I'll forever be a "Hulkamaniac".
The 55-year-old celebrity wrestler — whose real name is Terry Bollea — said in court Tuesday morning that he and his wife, Linda, have agreed to the terms of the split. The divorce was finalized during a brief hearing.

Both say they want to put aside months of bitterness and get on with their lives. They and their attorneys had publicly clashed over everything from money to Linda Bollea allowing her boyfriend to drive the couple's vehicles.

Go ride around in NYC traffic, Alberto

Gotta stick up for the others born in '72.
Contador, who secured his second Tour win on Sunday in Paris, said he had no admiration for the American as a person and tensions between the two had a negative effect on the Astana team. Armstrong, the seven-time champion who finished third in his first Tour since 2005, responded that Contador should “drop this drivel.”

“My relationship with Lance Armstrong is zero,” Contador said late Monday in his hometown of Pinto outside Madrid. “He’s a great rider and he did a great Tour. Another thing is on a personal level, where I have never admired him and never will.”

Monday, July 27, 2009

Triple H turned forty today. FORTY!

The baddest 'rassler in the WWE hits FOUR-OH (just did a post on this guy). Wow, I thought time would be afraid of him. Guess not.

Motorhead did his into music. How fuckin' cool is that.

Got my grrrl-friend into watching wrestling. Actually, it didn't take much convincing. She explained, saying something along the lines of "I have no problem watching muscular guys wearing tight pants for 2 hours every Monday night".

P.S. Football is fake.

Why is this news to people?

This seemed obvious since 1985.
Meanwhile, the oldest of the baby boomers turn 63 this year. Armed with their heart-rate monitors and flax-seed smoothies, they think they’re never going to die. And everyone else is starting to worry they’re right.

By refusing to expire after a reasonable number of years, the boomers are threatening the social order. Unconcerned about the consequences, they are poised to make us a Nation of Geezers. Oh, they’ll be well-preserved geezers, sure. Taut, limber, and relatively wrinkle-free. Their brain gyms (Sudoko, anyone?) will keep them driving long after the age at which their grandparents quit. They’ll be starting new businesses, “reinventing” themselves, jumping out of airplanes on their birthdays.

Right outside my office about 1/2 hour ago

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Newest Hall of Famer: Rickey Henderson

I know he's going to be remembered most for his awesomeness as an Oakland A, but I'm a Yankee fan that grew up in the 80's so I'll always think of him as a Pinstriper.

New Music Night

Corvettes are on borrowed time

The reason Gen X doesn't buy Vettes is because our 'generational penis' is large enough for us to not feel the need to compensate.


Von at Obsidian Wings has a quick crack on Generation Y and it dissolves into a fight in the comments over the suckyness of this decade's music.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's not like he couldn't get laid

I fucking hate modern journalists, and sports journalists are no exception. When a reporter asked Tim Tebow if he was a virgin I wish he responded with "yeah I am, but I'm going to take care of that later when your wife is staring at my ceiling".

I mean, Jesus! Just leave the dude alone. As much as I make fun of Gen Y for being a bunch of follow-the-crowd-celebrity-wannabees he truly is a man that lives by his own convictions. And unlike the Paris Hiltons of teh universe he does not seek out the gossipy camera crews. He lives in Gainesville, FL for christsakes. If he wanted to be in Hollywood land he'd have played for USC or UCLA.

Plus the last thing guys in Gainesville want is for him to start fucking. I'm sure there are plenty of frat boys willing to get with the girls Tim has turned down.

Pepper. Definitely needs a little more pepper.

A shark enjoyed a delicious teen appetizer.

Our Walter Kronkite

Since the Brian Williams' of the world blow ass I concur that Stewart is the most trusted name in news.

Harry Potter is their Peter Pan?

Weird comparison below in generational icons/moments and equating it to Harry Potter's influence on Gen Y. The idiot journalist must not have felt like committing much brain power to the article and had a deadline to reach.

One positive thingy I'll say about this series of books; at least it encouraged a generation to read and appreciate words more than just communicating with "OMG" or "LOL". Still though I think Harry Potter sounds like a better pornstar name rather than an awkward teen in a fantasy world.
Let the boomers have their 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Let Generation X commemorate the 15 years since Kurt Cobain shot himself. For Generation Y — those born roughly between 1980 and 2003 — it’s the pop culture of the late ’90s and early 2000s that makes them wistful.

We're back to 1999!

I loved the Roaring 90's. Every drunken minute I spent in those 10 years. Although it seems kinda pathetic that I'm celebrating 1990's stock market levels.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chubby Chasers

I guess they have to film this at 2:00 AM on a Saturday night after the dude has a belly full of bourbon (actually he could lose a few labs himself).
MORE TO LOVE, the new dating competition show from Mike Fleiss, follows one regular guy's search for love among a group of real women determined to prove that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

I have quite a few friends that do this without TV cameras following them.

We're All Reagan Youth

Actually, I'm kidding. Ronnie drove this country into crazy debt and he's hardly an example to use when discussing fiscal responsibility. But I hope she's correct that we are more responsible with our loot. Although, I doubt it.
Growing up on MTV, video games and microwave dinners, our Generation X'ers have become far more fiscally conservative than past generations.

Born between 1966 and 1982, our group witnessed our baby boomer parents sell out their "make love, not war" ideologies for BMW's, stock portfolios and kitchen extensions.

Overstating his case

Although Cronkite made in impact on the world with his reporting, his lessons definitely didn't transfer over to Gen X 'journalists' like the worthless David Gregory.
However, the last generation to know him as a newsman on CBS every night, Generation X, had him for only a few years, but even so, he made a lasting impression on many if not all of us. We were young, very young and only starting to become fully engaged with the events of the world around us when he was forced into retirement by CBS. Events like Watergate and his role in helping the Washington Post’s investigative reporting receive the full attention it deserved may or may not be remembered by those within our generation. Nevertheless Walter Cronkite’s unceasing duty to the truth let all know that there is a proverbial candle in the dark despite the attempts that are made so often to extinguish it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Congrats to Triple H

For his Muscle and Fitness cover. At age 39 he still looks like he eats tigers for a little extra protein.

Happy Moon Landing Anniversary!

I have mixed feelings on NASA. Much of what they've done I think of as a colossal waste of tax dollars. But just to let my internal hypocrite bleed out, I know what terrible economic impact it'd have on my state if NASA shut its doors.

Regardless, enjoy the 2nd man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, knocking the fuck out of one of those 'moon landing conspiracy theorists'.


Holy shit!

Mark this day down in Gen X history. A boomer actually thinks we're not a bunch of park-bench sleeping layabouts.
As many of you know, I've spent much of the last year talking with members of Generation X — those of you born roughly in the 1960s and '70s. The book I've written based on those conversations (What's Next, Gen X? Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, and Getting the Career You Want — safely in the hands of the publisher and due out in December) includes many of your voices — including quotes from your responses to posts on this site. Through this research, I developed a deep admiration for the generational traits evident among most X'ers, particularly in the context of our current challenges.

Future leaders in all spheres will have to contend with a world with finite limits, no easy answers, and the sobering realization that we are facing significant, seemingly intractable problems on multiple fronts. Perhaps the biggest change from the past: leaders will have to listen and respond to diverse points of view. There will be no dominant voice.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Music Sunday

I saw a church let out today. All the patrons looking pretty, slapping backs and shaking hands. Made me think of this:

Where should I send campaign contributions to?

After sitting on the sidelines for most of our adult lives it would be nice to see us kick some of the wilting babyboomers out of their comfortable political seats.

Douglas Coupland has a new book

It must be good since this anal-straw-slurping-boomer hates it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Terrible, really terrible, sick demented murder that happened 15 years ago.

Cold feet? More like frost bitten feet.

Even paying 2 mil for the wedding couldn't keep him in the chapel.
Most weddings go off without a hitch. But every once in a while, the blessed event gets a surprise twist. This past weekend, NBA star Richard Jefferson's wedding left guests asking a big question: "Where the heck is the groom?"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PJ, PJ, PJ. Love PJ

I posted this a long time ago. Back in the day when only Rockie Bee and LT Nixon dropped by.

Evidently he forgot the 1st two rules of Fight Club

Stoopid kid blows up a Starbucks and expects his high school buddies to keep it a secret.
Mr. Shaw had bragged to friends that he was responsible for the bombing, Mr. Kelly said, and had started an underground fight club modeled on the one in the 1999 film, which was directed by David Fincher and starred Brad Pitt and Edward
and was based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk.

I always feel protective over GenXster stuff. In this case the movie Fight Club. And I can't stand when some foolish Millenial interprets the film to be about fighting and bombing.

Brat Packer has brats

Yay Molly...

Ringwald, 41, and her husband Panio Gianopoulos, welcomed daughter Adele Georgiana and son Roman Stylianos after a natural birth on Friday, July 10 in Los Angeles, according to People .


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jet makes landing with football-sized hole

Story Highlights

Southwest Airlines jet makes emergency landing in Charleston, West Virginia

Football-sized hole in fuselage causes cabin to depressurize, oxygen masks to drop

No injuries reported aboard Boeing 737; Flight 2294 was traveling at 34,000 feet

No determination of what caused the hole in middle of cabin near top of aircraft but authorities confirmed that Tim Tebow is not a suspect

How to get thrown out of a baseball game...

If you can't read this, just left click on the post and highlight the entire thing.

Heehee. We're such dicks

Really funny how boomers want to "give back" especially considering their track record on taking so much. The verdict is still out on Gen Y.
Gen Ys and Boomers also share a heightened sense of obligation to make a positive contribution to society and to the health of the planet. Respectively, 86% and 85% say it's important that their work involve "giving back." That's not as true for Gen X: People in their thirties and early forties are 10% less likely than twenty-somethings to find this important.

We'll see what happens?

Gen X's entrepreneurs seemed to sprout up from desperation of being a bunch of broke-asses and no boomer company would hire us out of college.
Here, they differ dramatically from their skeptical "Generation X" predecessors. A 1999 survey asked Gen X college seniors to name their ideal employers; they "filled the entire list with for-profit businesses like Microsoft and Cisco." What a difference a generation makes. In the same poll today, Gen Y prefers the State Department, Teach for America, and the Peace Corps. That's a problem for a country built on the entrepreneurial spirit.

This dude makes too much about Gen Y's choices, some of which are commendable. I'm familiar with Teach for America since my Gen X aged sister did this. It was a 2 year commitment she signed up for and she had full intentions of joining the private sector afterwards. She wanted to serve our country and this is what she chose. Not easy, either, especially considering they send you to a place that doesn't have enough willing people to teach at. Hell, 3 of her middle school students got shot to death in her first year.

Regardless, the Gen Y'ers I work with are money grubbing pigs like the rest of us. Fuck, they're snatching up a lot of the cheap real estate right now. This one jel-headed hipster that sits by me researches houses and stocks on his PC more than he works.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rizzz-ock Out

Okay, so peeps may be sick of me playing Kyuss. Instead I'll give you The Distillers, whose lead singer is married to Kyuss guitarist, Josh Homme.

Just launch the fucker

Jeebus. A lot of tax dollars get pissed away while this thing sits. Although it is pretty cool when it goes up.

I was a big fan as a kid...

At least until she married Billy Joel. What the fuck went thru her head??


Jeezus, another murdered.
RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - The Brazilian wife of former Canadian world boxing champion Arturo Gatti has been charged with his murder, police said Sunday.

Italian-born Gatti, who was 37, was found dead Saturday in the holiday flat the couple had rented in the northern Brazilian seaside resort of Porto de Galinhas.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been on a Kyuss kick lately

Disco Ended 30 years ago today

30 years ago today the babyboomers greatest contribution to music was destroyed during a baseball doubleheader at Comiskey Park in Chicago at what had been billed as Disco Demolition Night. That's right folks, Disco remains the boomers most notable contribution to the airwaves. Bands like the Beatles and Rolling Stones are from a prior generation. Not even legend Jimi Hendrix is a boomer.

What a beautiful night I wish I'd been present for. Fire, destruction, sex on the field. This is the 1968 Democratic Convention except the fans wanted chaos, not peace. And the fans won. Hordes of police still couldn't contain the mayhem. Ahhhh....beautiful, beautiful violence.

Friday, July 10, 2009

JenX gettin' some pub

"He was a lot of things to a lot of people — good and bad — but he was 'Daddy' to his kids. It was this very deep human moment," said the 41-year-old Oklahoma City woman who blogs about Generation X at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goin' way back

Florida; great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna...

- Prank caller instructs hotel occupant to break the windows because of a gas leak. Occupant obeys him.

- Only Floridians are dum enough to try and light H2O on fire.

- Man falsely identifies himself as "the devil" before jamming his thumbs in a stranger's eyes.

- Dude gets locked up for the 120th time. Latest charge: stuffing bologna in his pants (chicks dig the bulge).

- Guy gets fired. Guy gets fired up and returns to his old job with a bat.

- Mud boggin' at the Redneck Yacht Club. I guarantee everyone there has shot a possum at some point in their lives.

- If a girl breaks up with you, it's unlikely she'll take you back if you chase her around with a machete and a 16 ounce Keystone Ice.

- A rabid rattlesnake? 3 peeps bit in the same area within a week.


This is circa 1977 babyboomer behavior

But GenXsters can be degenerate bums, too.
Former Playboy model Shauna Sand cheated on ex-husband and soap opera star, Lorenzo Lamas, with his then-18-year-old son, A.J. Lamas, Star Magazine reports

Eddie Van Halen dropped that penny and picked up a dime

Wow. She's smokin' hot. Hopefully this will piss off his ex.

(I'm one the the 50 million GenXsters that started playing guitar because of Ed)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Psycho Killer

I realize he's a cheater and all, but even cutting his nuts off would have been a bit over the top.
Former NFL star Steve McNair(notes) was shot dead in his sleep last week by a 20-year-old girlfriend distraught about mounting financial problems and her belief that he was seeing someone else, police said Wednesday.

From the back of the limo to the front

"Nails" gets hammered.
Former New York Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra has sought bankruptcy protection in Los Angeles, citing more than $31 million in debts.

Federal court documents show Dykstra filed for Chapter 11 status on Tuesday. He listed assets of $50,000 or less and liabilities of between $10 million and $50 million.

The # 1 Movie of 1985

It should be no surprise that if a GenXster was sent back to the 1950's they'd be the coolest person in town.

No one listened to Jeremy

Maybe this time around.
Your Home May Be Your Greatest Asset, But It Still Isn’t An Investment


Nice. Really nice. Your goddamn ADD has hurt the porn industry. No longer do we have the plot of the TV repairman walking into the bedroom of 2 nekkid women that just happened to step out of the shower.
Great writers would craft feature-length scripts worthy of the performers who would swallow each word as if it were their own, give it full dramatic meaning, and lift the whole spectacle to sublime levels.

Then the Web came along to debase the art that was pornography.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I would have been Liz's boyfriend


The Icepick on the suckiness that is modern journalism.
This hardly aids journos of my generation and the Millennials. Our bosses, most of them Baby Boomers, sold us a bill of goods that said we needed more and more college degrees to be “real” journalists, even though many of them didn’t have Master’s degrees when they entered the field. This isn’t exactly what Shafer is saying in his recent Slate column, but it got me thinking.

To me, this touches on something Laurie at Punk Rock HR wrote about recently regarding MBAs in the work world in general, and what Jimmy Breslin has long said about the reporting world in particular — why the hell do you need a Master’s to be a journalist, or for that matter, a degree from a Journalism school when you should be learning about history, literature and the like in school (with a healthy re-up of grammar lessons, but I’m hardly one to call the kettle black on that one), and learning the how-to’s of journalism as a cub reporter under the tutelage of a seasoned veteran? It’s real-life experience that matters, and that makes good writing.

Gossip Overkill

A definition from Douglas Coupland's Book, Generation X, seems appropriate this week with all the croaking going on.
Celebrity Shadenfreude: Lurid thrills derived from talking about celebrity deaths.

Lance in France

Gotta give him credit; he has brought a lot of attention to a sport that no one cares about.
LA GRANDE MOTTE, France (Reuters) - For the first time since his last Tour de France triumph in 2005, Lance Armstrong is perfectly placed to reclaim the leader's yellow jersey in Tuesday's 38-km team time trial in Montpellier.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eating away at Medicare

We'll have to pry the donuts away from their cold, glazed, sprinkled hands....
Americans simply are not taking this problem seriously. We've heard the concerns about Baby Boomers wiping out Medicare. How will that happen? With diabetes, knee replacements and all the obesity-related problems Boomers will face. This year's results show the obesity rate is higher among older Boomers than (55 to 64) than those 65 and beyond.

Bad economy = good news for Gen X

At least according to this article.....
"For generation X, I think you've already got some of that stimulus package, first home buyers are getting the boosted grant; if you're still holding on to your job, and you're not paying full price for anything, then you're coming through this OK,"

Gen X parents need to be paddled

In case you Gen X parents want to be scolded by what looks to be a Millenial please read on.....
MSNBC recently reported that today's kids are ruder than any other generation. Odd, concludes the reports, considering that their Generation X parents (born between 1966 and 1977) are also touted as some of the most involved parents of the past few decades.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Matt Archbold

What happens when a 15 year old GenXster gets a pro surfing contract and lots of loot? You get a complete fuck up, of course.

Worse still: each time he went to rehab or just went over the deep-end companies dug deeper into their wallets to give him more $ to take advantage of his bad boy reputation. So essentially Matt became a well funded junkie.

Great documentary though. Henry Rollins narrates it.


May your family move on quickly after your death.

Van Palin

Yeah, yeah I know I'm late in the game of reporting Sarah Palin resigning as Gov of Alaska. I just want to document it for future generational historians so I can be quoted as saying "this person only represents the views of few GenXsters".

I mean seriously, if Ace jumps off your bandwagon you're really done as a far right politician.

I suppose it's fitting Les Claypool just came out with this song:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ears do bleed

I love this website (not mine. I mean the one referenced below)

Never woulda remembered this myself. The commercial in the link is hilarious, too.

Clueless writers should have their keyboards taken away

Here we have an idiot that makes it seem as though before last week's Farrah and Michael Jackson deaths, Generation X was just an immature bunch that played in sandboxes with toy trucks and Barbie dolls.

Although I don't consider myself a "Pillar of Maturity" I'm sure I was more grown up as a 5th grader than a typical baby boomer at a similar age. I know I'm not a alone with this thought, either. Fuck, a good portion of us went home to empty houses after school and had to make our food and manage our time much earlier than other generations still alive today.
"These people were on our lunchboxes," said Gary Giovannetti, 38, who grew up on Long Island awash in Farrah and MJ iconography. "This," he said, "is the moment when generation X realises they're grown up."

It was a long time coming. Cynical, disaffected, rife with attention deficit disorder, lost between boomers and millennials and sandwiched between Vietnam and the war on terrorism, gen X has always been an oddity. It was the product of a transitional age when we were still putting people on celebrity pedestals but only starting to make an industry out of dragging them down.

NOTE: I love how this clown quotes 1 GenXster and then tries to make his point around it. As though Gary Giovannetti has been appointed by us as our official spokesman.

Also note how this asshole somehow wants to attribute today's "Celebrity Culture" to Gen X. WTF? Any fool knows that Gen Y members Britney, Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton not only deserve the credit for this, they also want the credit for this.