Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's finally here!! Woohoo!!

HURRICANE SEASON BEGINS TODAY!!! Let's crank up that nature-made wave machine!!!


So terrible.

French snowboarder Karine Ruby, who won a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and a companion died in a climbing accident, authorities say. Capt. Benoit Tonanny of the Chamonix commune gendarmerie in France said the 31-year-old

Olympic snowboarder and her fellow climber were killed in the Mont Blanc Massif mountain range Friday, The New York Times reported Saturday. A third climber was critically injured.

They're gonna stick it to us from the grave

Our only hope is to take control of our parent's finances when they become elderly and rob them blind. Don't feel guilty. They were born in more prosperous times, so you're only taking back what they were granted by luck of being born pre-1960.
Social Security has some grim news for John Ansbach of Dallas and other members of Generation X. If the system continues on its current course, it won't have enough money to pay full benefits by the time they retire.

Ansbach, born in 1971, will be eligible for full retirement benefits at 67, in 2038.

But the government trustees who monitor Social Security's long-term financial soundness recently reported that the system will use up its trust funds by 2037 and have only enough from its tax collections to pay beneficiaries 76 cents on every dollar.

A documentary? About us?

Wow. Never thought I'd see something like this. You get so used to being ignored.

X= a generation defied is filmmaker Rakeda Lashae's report on the politics of her own Generation X. This groundbreaking documentary gives a voice to an overshadowed generation and will explore Generation X's impact on the 2008 presidential election.

The documentary addresses the filmmaker’s burning question: What role will Generation Xers play as future leaders? In discovering the role Gen X is playing, Rakeda Lashae reveals the generation's heroes, values and our influence on the world.

Major H/T: JenX

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love me some guitars and arson

Florida; great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna...

- Mind if I borrow your car......and take it to Alabama?

- Why won't our teachers stop sucking off underage boys? (with mugshot)

- Man fights off a gator. (I usually root for the gator)

- Mr. Randy Beverage had a few too many.

- 6th grader drives his drunk dad around.

- Deputy shows nekkid pics of his wife to juvenile jailbirds.

- Poop to Power plant opens in Sanford.

- Man lives in closet. Maybe he should just come out?

- I have a pet turtle so this story may only interest me. So you're not allowed to click on the hyperlink. DON'T DO IT! I MEAN IT!

- Note to parents: if your brat runs over a homeless person make sure they know to stop.

- Man drives thru neighbors house, gets out of the car and goes after him with a hatchet. Reminds me of the original Terminator.

- This may be the biggest redneck beach in the United States. I used to live across this bridge on the Tampa side.


Generation OMG

Wowzers, she really takes Gen Y to task.
Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain defined Generation X when he rolled his eyes back, bored, and delivered that line from Smells Like Teen Spirit.

And Gen X (roughly anyone born between 1961 and 80) is still bored. Bored of hearing about Generation Y – and all their issues.

Here I should admit that I was born just as Gen X slacked off, and Gen Y strutted in. So I’m not really in either camp.

Gen Y’s 18 to 29 year olds are copping a lot of flack right now for being cocky, carefree and too lazy to work for what they want.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They're not gonna save us, but I hope they'll try

Come to think of it, Gen Y had a cushy childhood but their young adult lives have been rather sucky.
As we near the halfway point of 2009 the media will begin to look back on the past decade and provide their assessments. Let me be the first: it stunk. It was simply a horrible decade for the United States. 9/11, Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan, the economic meltdown, torture, oil prices, the auto industry tanking, and the ascension of Spongebob. I’ll go out on limb and say it ranks among the worst in our history. Certainly, the 1930’s were no picnic but the country had the luxury of not having the media cramming misery down their throats 24 hours a day. The 1860’s had the Civil War, but that decade also saw a nation coming back together in the aftermath. What is the silver lining for this decade? I’ll say it is Generation Y, also known as the Millennials - I suspect that they may one day lay claim to the title “the greatest generation.”

Also, enough of the "Greatest Generation" tag. It's just the goddamn name of a book written by Tom Brokaw to cash in on the WWII peeps before they get rolled out of their Florida condos feet first. Besides, if the title wasn't good enough for Our Country's founding fathers to be called it's not fitting for any group to inherit this name.

I guess the mortgage crisis hit Cameron's family?

Keep the house, I want the girl.
Of course, I’m talking about the 80s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and if you remember the film well enough, you’ll recall the stunning house owned in the film by the father of Beuller’s best friend, Cameron.

Well, it’s still around, out here in reality, and now it’s for sale.


Sorry, but if you sleep around with my worst enemies I'm not going to take 'sloppy seconds'. Even if you're really hot, too.
After feasting on the baby boomer gravy train for decades, wealth managers now face the reality that this generation will not feed their bottom line so amply in the future.

That's the simple math for fee-based advisers as boomers transition from asset accumulation to asset distribution.

For the next best growth opportunity, wealth managers should start skewing younger to the next wave of big asset accumulators. And it turns out this potential market is just waiting to feel the advisers' love.

Individuals between the ages of 28 and 53 "are tired of being ignored," says Chris Brown of Sway Research, who conducted a survey of Generation X and younger boomers in conjunction with Mast Hill Consulting. "They want help, but they told us they're tired of seeing all the focus on older boomers while no one pays attention to them."

He earned this beatdown

Jose Canseco is a rat. Less than a rat, even. He's the next lower thing on the food chain, whatever creature that may be. He tattled on his former teammates for their (and his) steroid use to sell a book. But he's not a liar as nothing in his book has been proven inaccurate and it's become one of the most important documents in modern baseball history.

Regardless, not many in baseball feel upset when they saw this.
In his first foray into Mixed Martial Arts, Jose Canseco was pummeled by a 7-2, 330-pound grand champion of sumo, Hong Man Choi of South Korea, during a MMA show earlier Tuesday at Yokohama Arena in Japan.

The admitted steroid user and whistle-blower entered the ring hauling a baseball bat over his right shoulder and was accompanied by his girlfriend and publicist, Heidi Northcott, who tossed baseballs into the crowd as they slowly descended a ramp toward the ring. Canseco, 44, would have been wise to use the club against his opponent.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brutal Weekend

The Beach Crawl went off like a depth charge. Some managed better than others, as the above pic indicates.

Too many are just so weird about this

In my searches for Gen X material I stumbled upon this article documenting teenagers easy access to pornography. No doubt, with the assistance of the Internet, youth today have an easy time checking out some porn. But whatever? It didn't ever seem too difficult for me way-back-when, either. I had more porn mags underneath my bedroom rug than I had rug to cover them. Movies, too. By the time I turned 12 my entire crew knew who John Holmes, Marilyn Chambers, Peter North and Ron Jeremy were.

Kids dig porn. Just the way it is. It's just sex, nothing more. Kids will eventually have sex, even porn-style sex. The world will keep on turning and the kids will still turn out fine.


I feel like I make these lousy news posts too often.
Former Wilco band member Jay Bennett has died at age 45.

The multi-instrumentalist died in his Illinois home on Saturday night (May 23), although the cause of death has not been revealed. A message on the website of his record label Undertow Music,, explained that he died "in his sleep."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Go out and play!

Summer is here, Yippee! I know it sounds weird coming from a Floridian, since it's warm most of the year, but there's still an excitement here as there is in all of the states.

Catch ya later this weekend.

This friggin' got stuck in mah brain.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scary thought

Most of the crowd at these shows stayed sober. Really.

Boomerang Kids..and this time it's not Xsters

Had my parents visited the flop house I lived in after college they may have encouraged me to move back in with them. The place truly frightened people. Mushrooms grew from the cracks in the kitchen floor.

In the movie, Failure to Launch, the parents of a thirty something slacker as he is referred to in the movie, hire someone to get him to move out of the house. A bit extreme you think? Makes for a great story. Well it’s not so far fetched.

You’ve heard all about it from your friends and neighbors, their kids came home to live with them after having moved out. And you are sure your kids won’t do that. Maybe you have downsized the family homestead to a one-bedroom condo. If it’s got a couch it is still a place to crash.

Eighteen million adult children age 25 to 34 are living with their parents according to AARP. Sons are more likely to move home than daughters. Usually the reasons are they are between jobs, they want to save money, get out of debt. And no one fusses over them quite like mom.

More generations in the workforce bullshit

It even has a video for those of us Xsters who can't read since there were 812,258 cuts to school budgets when we grew up.
Then came Generation X, synonymous with the launch of MTV and personal computers.

Haynes says X'ers brought a more balanced approach to career and personal life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Brutal Event This Weekend

You have to be there, but be glad if you miss it.....

This Sunday on St. Pete beach the traveling drunken circus returns. If you can stand the sun, 100+ Floridians, and 8 hours of drinking, you may want to check out The Beach Crawl.

For the shoe-gazers among us

Hangin' by a nylon thread

Damn, it's just about over for Gen X in the NBA. Of the 4 remaining teams left in the playoffs only the Lakers have a GenXster as their best player (Kobe Bryant).

Yep, this is marketed to baby boomers

Until now the only people I've ever heard of being buried at sea are sailors killed in action and mafia victims wearing cement shoes.
The Neptune Memorial Reef is an environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional funeral and cemetery burial. It has become a celebration of life currently memorializing over 100 patrons. And as a unique option for cremated remains, it not only provides an extraordinary eternal resting place for the departed, it was constructed to regenerate life in the ocean.

H/T: Kath

Sunday, May 17, 2009


A great musician trapped in an athlete's body.
Tisdale, had part of his right leg amputated on Aug. 25, 2008, after bone cancer was discovered by doctors after a fall in his Los Angeles home. The 12-year NBA veteran, and well-known jazz musician, spoke about the decision through his website following the initial surgery.

Please offer something to make me buy American

I know I've been pretty harsh on domestic auto companies as of late, but I feel betrayed. At some point the Detroit auto makers just said "screw off" to the under 50 crowd that enjoy speedy cars and have made retro junk straight out of the 60's. Never did I think I'd see the day when Hyundai would make an affordable car that would wipe the pavement with a less affordable Ford Mustang. But here we are.

For instance, check out the car on the left (Nissan 370Z). That looks like something that should be produced in 2009. What's unsurprising is that the exterior designer (pictured above) is in his late 20's.

For some reason I seriously doubt Detroit's "Big 3" have an exterior designer anywhere near his age.

Guess I better start being nice to them....

It didn't even occur to me that 1/2 of Gen Y cannot even vote yet since they're under 18. We haven't scratched the surface on their impact in future elections since their generation is gah-normous.

I gotta give the baby boomers credit for one thing. They certainly did some hardcore fucking to produce so many offspring. And this was all done before boner pills hit the market. Nice job, boomers, nice job indeed.

More and more, I think that hating on gays, immigrants, and non-French’s mustard is a killer for Republicans. People under 30 just don’t want to be associated with that, for the most part, even if they agree with some of the Republican economic kookiness. Jon Hunstman is certainly smart to move to a more liberal position on gay marriage. But I think this may go even deeper than that.

In 2004, one Democratic candidate really energized younger voters: Howard Dean. The Democratic made him chair of the DNC. IN 2008, one Republican candidate really energized younger voters: Ron Paul.

Didn't know George Clooney got his start here?

Tootie is 40??? Wowzers.

In case you're wondering if any of the cast members went on to become junkies you can check it out here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Florida; great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna...

- Nope. I never saw my mother tased after being arrested for cocaine when I was in the car.

- Most people call a teacher kicking a pre-schooler in the face "abuse". Floridians call it "discipline".

- Fort Lauderdale barber shop offers free beer.

- Must have been at the above barber shop; woman stabs man over a beer. With mugshot.

- Glug, glug. Vroom! Vroom! Woo! Woo! (local TV anchor woman gets DUI)

- Aunt kicks nephew in "deeez nutz". Returns favor by body-slamming her on the ground.

- Wannabe rapper shoots store clerk with a BB gun for "street credibility". 50 Cent has bullet holes in his body and this joker uses a 'weapon' that can't even break the skin?

- Palm Beach police using paragliders to patrol from the sky. So not a good use of tax dollars.

- Boat explodes, many hurt. Nothing good can come from the place they were at called "Beer Can Island".

- Sounds pretty cool if a naked woman shows up at my door at 2:00 AM. Unless she looks like the woman in the mugshot.

- Just remember, even if you're caught with a lot of $, cocaine, a knife and pictures of severed heads you are still innocent until proven guilty.

- Dude needed a ride so he threw rocks at a cop car to get his attention. The police were kind enough to give him a lift.


Sure it's a different continent

...but it seems to have made it's way to North America.

IT'S either no work or too much of it, with many people who have managed to avoid redundancy being lumped with the extra workload.

And Generation X is set to bear the brunt of any more redundancies because of their middle management positions within companies.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The State of Sci-Fi / Action Films

All blockbuster films that've come out this decade happen to be retreads. Spider Man, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, yadda-yadda-yadda. At least Indiana Jones and Star Wars weren't spin-offs from a past era. There's creative people out there, so I'm becoming anxious for the next generation of super heros to be born.
I know I’m putting the cart before the horse on this (especially since the movie hasn’t officially come out yet), but it will be interesting to see if this becomes one of the Millennials’ touchstone action/SciFi flicks. That it’s directed by Gen X’er Abrams (born 1966) merely helps it fit the pattern. How many of us Gen X’ers were huge fans of Indiana Jones, E.T., Jaws and so on from the 1970s and ’80s canon of the 1946-born Steven Spielberg, himself the prototypical Boomer? I was a huge Star Wars guy, which was the product of another Baby Boomer, 1944-born (yes, that year counts) George Lucas (never mind that he killed the franchise starting in 1999 with its awful prequels, or that for the last 15 years has resembled — to quote a friend — a big, stoned Ewok).

Thanks Baby Boomers!

Day old news now, but I feel as though this should still be documented here. This'll be just in time for all GenXsters to get leveled.

Social Security and Medicare are fading even faster under the weight of the recession, heading for insolvency years sooner than previously expected, the government warned Tuesday. Social Security will start paying out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in 2016, a year sooner than projected last year, and the giant trust fund will be depleted by 2037, four years sooner, trustees reported.

Medicare is in even worse shape. The trustees said the program for hospital expenses will pay out more in benefits than it collects this year, just as it did for the first time in 2008. The trustees project that the Medicare fund will be depleted by 2017, two years earlier than the date projected in last year's report.

Kinda condescending...

...towards Gen Y, but hit the mark on the "Greatest Generation".
If history is any indication, Generation X did not invent the term “colossal mistake.” The Greatest Generation, which fought WWII and rebuilt a country, also introduced us to a little known country called Vietnam.

The baby boomers, who courageously fought and died in its steaming jungles and rice paddies, in turn introduced my generation, and yours, to war in the ancient lands of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I've had a few weird incidents with WWII Generation peeps that left a negative impression on me.

In high school a teacher I had, that also happened to have been a WWII vet, went into a rant about the Vietnam Veterans being somehow inferior since many had come back with mental problems (PTSD). My Pop served in the 101st Airborne and spent nearly all of 1966 in combat, so I felt offended and argued with the old goon. The dispute didn't go anywhere since my debating skills at age 17 sucked and dissolved to me saying "whatever" about a dozen times. What pissed me off most was how this teacher somehow thought his time as a WWII tank mechanic was somehow more admirable than my Pop being an infantryman in knee-deep shit in Vietnam's jungles. And why would he want to bash another generations' servicemen anyway?

In another incident, I met my buddy's grandfather at some silly social gathering (if I remember correctly it was my bud's college graduation party). Within a minute of our conversation he let me know he's a WWII Vet and said "you should thank me for your freedom".

This didn't even seem relevant in the context of our conversation. I mean, WWII concluded 26 years before I fell out of my mother, but I felt as though he tried to make me feel guilty for not being there. Christ almighty, everyone in Our Country appreciated what he probably had done, but there's no justifiable reason to hold this over my head.

Whatever, I guess. Hopefully I just ran into the only 2 bad eggs out there.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is this mag still available?

Because Kath would like a subscription...

Info for employers

Another article defining generations using different years with attempts to explain why we all hate each other.
"This new generation is so candid about participating and a lot freer," she said. "When we saw that, we realized we could be faced with an interesting problem. We called it Generation Shock."

So they decided to create a program for L'Oreal workers that would "valorize generational differences," which became the title, because they felt that Gen Y already received a lot of attention and the goal was to ensure that every group understood the other. In the end, she says, "the Ys told us they were so happy to learn why the baby boomers were so conservative and why Gen X didn't want to share information with them."

So stoopid

These jokers cannot focus without setting up the "us versus them" scenario.
Most of my colleagues would be shocked to discover that I’ve not always been pro-life. I’m a former liberal, pro-abortion, agnostic who became a conservative and then a Christian after high school (when the majority of Generation X decided to become liberal.)
The rest of the article just encourages those that agree with him to produce lots of babies to form the JJJJJEEEEEZZZZZUUUUUSSSSS Army. Besides, didn't Gallup just produce a poll showing that Gen X is conservative? WHATAFOOL!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Remembrance

Fifth grade. Terrible time when older dudes liked to see how many of my friends and I they could shove in a locker.

"You wear this fuckin' hat all day in school." An 8th grader put a foam baseball cap on my head at the bus stop. "If I see that you're not wearing it I'll beat your ass." He stood in my face like a drill instructor.

The hat didn't make it past 1st period. After Mr. Murphy took attendance he read the inscription above the bill.

Murph pulled me from my seat by my T-shirt, tossing me towards the door. He followed close behind, slamming the door when we edged into the hall.

"What the hell are you thinking wearing a hat saying 'Give Me Head Until I'm Dead'?"

I had know idea what the 3rd definition of "head" meant at ten years of age? I just understood that it pissed adults off and made my folks receive a call from the school's office.

Worst part: I didn't rat out the 8th grader. That would have guaranteed a beating if I rolled over on him. Still, he didn't appreciate I jumped on the grenade for him. Pissed off that the hat became property of the Principal he took my basketball for compensation.

I'm kickin' new flava in ya ear

We're such followers

Jeebus, I really hate to be lumped together with baby boomers in any form.
"Generation Y and younger Gen X think Facebook has gotten too old for them," she contends. "People on Facebook are their parents. Gen Y prefers Twitter because it is younger."

This is nothing new, she adds. "You always have generations encroaching on other people’s trends. It used to be that daughters wanted to wear their mothers clothes, but today mothers want to wear young people’s clothes," she adds. "Nothing stays one way. Boomers and older Gen X contaminated it for the younger generations."

Too bad the Dodgers lost

I hate when athletes do dopey things like pray in the endzone or thank loved ones when a mic is put in their face.
After hitting a homer off Wilson in the 12th inning of the Giants' 7-5 13-inning victory, Blake was seen on television making the same well known gesture that Wilson makes after every save in tribute to both his Christian faith and his late father.

I'm dreaming of a day when a jock says "I couldn't have had this type of success without the support of Satan".

Keep on forgetting to blog roll this site

"Me ratings only this big."
Girlfriend and I turn on the Sunday talking wankers to mock the absurdity. Sometimes we kill the volume and ad lib for a few minutes.
Yet, we both lack the sarcastic creativity of this blog.
HT: Atrios

We're still a bunch of wingnuts

Gramps Reagan made an impression on many of us.
Although Democrats currently enjoy a party identification advantage over Republicans among Americans at every age between 18 to 85, the Democrats' greatest advantages come among those in their 20s and baby boomers in their late 40s and 50s. Republicans, on the other hand, come closest to parity with Democrats among Generation Xers in their late 30s and early 40s and among seniors in their late 60s.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great job fuckhead!

Despicable Florida redneck, Bucky Dennis, is once again trying to compensate for being hung like a field mouse.
Port Charlotte fisherman Bucky Dennis caught a 1,060-pound hammerhead shark over 13 feet long Thursday morning in Boca Grande Pass. The 12-fathom-deep pass is known for its big tarpon and even bigger sharks. It is not uncommon for anglers to see their tarpon catches bitten in half by big bull sharks and giant hammerheads. To be more precise - great hammerheads.
I know it may seem like he's doing a public service by killing a giant shark, but this weak dick azzhole is all about killing for the sake of killing. People are not on the menu for sharks. Really! I've seen, one time felt, sharks when surfing and they really want nothing to do with peeps. At most they come up, have a look, and go about their business.

Bucky ended the long life of a 1200 LBS hammerhead a few years back that carried 55 pups in her belly, fucking up the ecosystem balance, and now he killed another female during breeding season. Yeah, happy Mothers Day, Bucky. I hope you get hit by a bus.

Happy Mommas Day!

Think I embedded this song on last year's Moms Day?

Yes, I spoke to my Mom today. Although my kids never talk to me on Fathers Day. Yet it is sort of difficult for them since they're all in landfills decomposing in the receptacle tips of condoms.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sick song to crank the amp and play

Florida; great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna...


- Martha Stewart never thought of decorating a tree with dead critters

- Looks like the cops gave this kid a nice 'wood shampoo'

- Coolest 1st grader ever: 6 year old FL girl requests Make A Wish Foundation to set up a meeting with Ted Nugent

- Confessed killer too afraid to return to the streets of Florida after judge's release

- Don't bring you're whacky-tobaccy pipe to court

- Woman drops the skirt outside her home and masturbates in front of someones children

Time to break out the leather belt

I'm not a parent, so I don't have much interaction with annoying kiddies that I'm going to tell "get off my lawn" in a few years. I just hope those that are raising kids aren't as horrible as this article suggests. Although one lesson no generation of parents ever seem to learn is their kid is not going to be the Michael Jordan-Albert Einstein combination their bearers think of them as.
On paper, it doesn’t add up. After all, by many accounts Generation X may be the most devoted parents in American history. They are champions of "attachment parenting," the school of child-rearing that calls for a high level of closeness between parents and children, Many Gen-X parents co-sleep with their children, hold them back from entering kindergarten if they feel their children’s emotional maturity is at stake and volunteer at their kids' schools at record rates. Gen-X moms have been famously criticized by early feminists for dropping out of the workforce to care for their young children.

No wood in his bat

The locker room jokes will be relentless.
A source close to Manny Ramirez(notes) said Thursday that the illegal substance for which the Los Angeles Dodgers slugger tested positive was not “an agent customarily used for performance enhancing.”

At least not on the baseball diamond. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the drug was prescribed to address Ramirez’s erectile dysfunction.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I spend too much time in the 11th Frame

Black Helicopters in Foxboro

Pretty fucked up. They shouldn't hate on Tom Brady just because he won Super Bowls, has more money than Pablo Escobar and gets to give the ole 'in-out-in-out' to a super model.
Audits of Massachusetts law enforcement officials reveal thousands of illicit criminal record searches for Brady and other state celebrities like Paul Pierce, James Taylor and Matt Damon. While Brady wasn't mentioned by name, a state official said the New England Patriots quarterback had been the subject of 968 such database searches.

Kinda Nostradamuseeee

Dave unearthed a book from 1997 that may have been onto something.
The X’ers gravest Fourth Tuning duty will be their society’s most important pre-seasonal task: to ensure that there can indeed be a new High, a new golden age of hope and prosperity. For the Crisis to end well, X’ers must keep Boomers from wreaking needless destruction and Millennials from marching too mindlessly under their elders’ banner. They will not find it easy to restrain an older generation that will consider itself far wiser than they, and a younger one that will consider itself more deserving. For this, X’ers will require a keen eye, a deft touch, and a rejection of the wild risk taking associated with their youth.

If time does prove for any of this to be true it'll be the first time I acknowledged those particular co-authors as being correct in anything.

These bloggers must be Xsters

Thrifty advice for you broke ass beeeeyoooootches! Since their site is called Get Rich Slowly they seem to be in touch with reality. They'll never get a job at CNBC now.

In this era of financial ruins I now understand how a common person may feel tempted to buy a ski mask and revolver and make a little extra on the side.

Remember her?

It's Ari Meyers from the show Kate and Allie. Major crush on her in middle school. I was past the stage in my life of making out with my pillow thinking about her, but every girl I dated* during this time looked similar.

*consider the age please. Middle school 'dating' didn't seem to go much further than kissing and going to the movies. Not that I didn't try to take it further.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back when Detroit cared

Yeah, yeah. I'm hung up on Gen X transportation this week.

Chevy's Camaro IROC Z (Inbred Redneck Out Cruising) still had been priced for a 20-something in the 80's to afford. Not the case any longer if you wish to buy a V8 Camaro that can outrun a Civic SI.

Wish I had this channel

I don't know if it's pathetic or not, but I find I like Gen Y much more than baby boomers. Or, ahhhhhh, it could have something to do with the local beach bars are packed with bikini clad Gen Y'ers and the boomers are mercifully hiding their enlarging rear ends in cheesy, smokey lounges.
Shaun Micallef's new quiz show, Talkin' 'bout your Generation, premieres tonight on Channel Ten. It's a demographic showdown, a contest between baby boomers, generation X-ers and generation Ys. It's great fun and Micallef is as whip smart as ever, but anyone expecting to see a variation on one of our favourite pastimes -tearing strips off gen Y - is bound to be disappointed by the banter, which is entirely good-natured.

Quit acting like an "all about me" baby boomer, dammit!

Soon he's going to look as pathetic as Keith Richards being wheeled out on stage.
The never-ending saga of Brett Favre's retirement appears to be rearing its ugly head again, as a report on Tuesday indicated the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback has a meeting scheduled with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress later this week.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Can't believe this didn't happen in FL

You had me at "wanted a piece of this".....
A man taking a pee in his front yard waved his penis at the woman living next door then sprayed her car with urine during a neighbourhood row at White Rock, Cairns.

Father of four Stephen Charles Smart, 42, who pleaded guilty to wilful exposure in Cairns Magistrates' Court recently, also asked the neighbour if she "wanted a piece of this".

Back in the day....

...when I identified with Detroit made cars. The 5.0 Mustang LX: fast, easy to make faster, lightweight and inexpensive.

You never listen to me!

If this is true we really are a bunch of azzholes.
Only 18% of individuals between the ages of 28 to 52 seek out financial advice, even though they are in the prime savings and asset accumulation of life, according to a survey of 800 investors conducted by Sway Research and Mast Hill Consulting. Most of this group—younger Boomers between the ages of 43 and 53, and Generation X, aged 28 to 42—turn to family and friends for advice on key investing decisions.

Listening to family and friends will lead to fights at family reunions and fewer friends. Do your own research.

That hard wood floor you put down isn't going to help

Sorry, but your home value is going to continue to suck.

It’s also unlikely that the “Generation X,” born between 1965 and 1976 (or more derisively called “baby busters”), will bid up home prices. They are only 44 million strong, not as wealthy and even more in debt from college loans.

Couple of thingys; it's not a good idea if home prices go back to where they were. Property value became nuts. So nuts that a first time buyer that made over 70K would have had to live in a shitty neighborhood since the "nice hoods" became out of reach for this salary range. This did not signify a healthy housing market.

Also, I'm not sure what this dude means with Gen X paying off college loans? Most Xsters would now have graduated undergrad for 10+ years and the loans should be finished off. I thought? What college loans did do to many was make it difficult for Xsters to get a foothold during their 20's.

Essentially one's choice went like this: 1.) student loans 2.) car payment 3.) mortgage.

Choose which 2 of the 3 you wish.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Times change. Some things stay the same. Some lessons were learned.

The intersection of the past and present and how it effects Our Country's decision making led me to The Afghanistan-Soviet War.

Significant for a # of reasons. It hastened the fall of the Soviet Union. Also, this was the first sustained combat that GenXsters fought and died in.

From the Military Channel:

0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds!!

This ride is ridiculous.