Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you need sarcasm

...these bloggers slay it on.

Jesus' General

Sadly, No!

Random, mindless, over-tired thinking

I've been having a weird obsession with Facebook* and it's imminent effect on society.

Whatever, my point is the young kids today will never again know a person they will lose contact with. I think it's sad in a way. Sometimes I do think back of past friends/girlfriends and imagine them in the best way with unicorns and rainbows and all that happy shit. The times I run into someone from years ago the myth I created in mah brain is destroyed. I'm always like "sorry you're divorced" or "Jesus, you put on some weight. It looks like you're growing tusks" or "you can beat that prescription drug addiction".

Anyway, my point is most everyone is best left as a memory.

Oh, and one other thing and I'll STFU for the night- Facebook is going to make class reunions irrelevant.

*I'm not on Facebook

The former angry officer

...is now an angry ex-pat. But he always manages to throw in some Gen X references each week.
That's not completely accurate. What about the punk rock scene of the 80s and 90s, which was basically a rejection of the spend-cash-to-be-happy mantra? And nary a mention of counter-cultural forces questioning society like the movie Slacker and the Seattle music scene in the early 90s?

Monday, March 30, 2009

This song has been stuck in mah noggin all day

...so I hope it gets caught in yours', too!

Categorize this under...

As for Generation X, that group isn't tolerant of those who are not techno-literate. Work is what they do to support what happens after work. They tend to be cynical and have poor people skills.

Hate when they don't say what kinda car they were in

I'm a bigger fan of him after this. I collect speeding tickets like baseball cards.
The 44-year-old actor was stopped Dec. 30 on Interstate 91 while driving 106 mph in rural Northern Vermont. Because of the excessive speed, he was also charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

For all the broke beeeeyotches

In case you're in the position of having to go from the back of the limo to the front.
Unfortunately these days, employers will have to face an increasing number of applicants who will be trying out for jobs they are highly overqualified for. With the unemployment rate rising, more and more people no longer have a choice about the kinds of jobs they’re pursuing. Sadly, these tough economic times have been forcing many highly skilled individuals to shift careers and downsize their jobs involuntarily, and to apply for jobs that they claim they would never have dreamed of doing in a previous life. Take the story of the hedgefund manager who earned $750,000 a year just a few short years ago. He’s now a pizza delivery guy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Write down the time and place

A baby boomer actually had something positive to say about Generation X.

Greatest Gen X Hoops Team

Never had I seen a more dominant team in my lifetime. 8 of the players from the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats went on to make an NBA roster.

Even boomer dominated ESPN had this to say about the squad:
Even though Kentucky lost two regular-season games, they established themselves as one of the all-time great teams by destroying the competition in the Big Dance, winning their six tourney games by an average of 21 points.
To me, the most memorable moment of the UK team was when they scored 86 points against LSU......IN THE FIRST HALF!

Final 4 Picks

It's amazing how someone (me) can watch upwards of 10 hours of college basketball a week as well as play in a basketball league and still be so incredibly wrong on their NCAA picks.

Jeebus! Since I live in the land of the old (FLA) I'm just gonna become a shuffleboard expert. I'm sure I'll fail at that, too.

As a secondary note to how stoooopid I am with my picks, I just noticed I said in my original post to have Pitt playing UNC in the finals. That's impossible since they would have had to meet in the semi final game. What I meant to write was I had Pitt playing Mizzou. And both of those loser teams lost yesterday anyhow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seems so long ago

Florida; great place to visit but I wouldn't wanna...

-Evidently our already piss-poor school system quit teaching spelling.

-When trailer park residents fight.

-Mummy discovered in FLA

-Teacher shows up to class with blood alcohol level of .26 and drops her pants. (yes, there's video)

- Jesus lady! Don't breast feed your baby when you're hammered.

(all stories sourced from Fark)

Latchkey Likey Penelope

Preach sister, preach!

Newsflash: The Baby Boomers got us into this mess. They borrowed against future generations. They mishandled SEC regulations. They ignored the environment. They set up a Social Security system that is going to break as soon as they're done taking from it. And they took the best education this country had to offer, and then depleted the education system for the next generation.

Obama is the first Gen-X president. And, to the surprise of all the baby boomers who have been trash-talking Gen-X forever, it's Gen-X that will bail this country out of the mess the Baby Boomers got us into.

In the meantime, Generation X is the first generation in the US ever that will earn less than their parents. And Generation Y has an incredible amount of debt due to baby boomers pushing up college costs and housing costs while real wages went down.

The under-45s are stunned by the selfishness of the Baby Boomer era.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Using code words for "lazy"

This azzhole is just another boomer who was born on 3rd base but thinks he hit a triple. They truly just type away and do no research.
Add into this problem mix that Gen-Y and Gen-X have very different assumptions about the nature of work, how much they want to work and the tasks and responsibilities they are not interested in performing or accepting. These younger generations have grown up in financially good times, so it remains to be seen how their views may change with economic uncertainty. Certainly the depression severely affected young adults of that generation.

Retiring at 85

Every time we began getting traction we seemed to get hit with a recession.
The number of Generation Xers (ages 27 to 42) who are unprepared for retirement is dramatically on the rise, according to a new study commissioned by Scottrade. More than half (52 percent) of Gen Xers currently have saved less than $25,000 for retirement. This number marks a significant change from 2008, when 40 percent reported being below the $25,000 mark, indicating that this generation’s retirementsavings have suffered greatly due to the economy.

“Boomers get all the attention, but these surprising results show that Gen X has more financial heartburn right now than any other generation,” said Chris X. Moloney, Scottrade’s chief marketing officer and executive director of customer intelligence.

The survey revealed the likely causes: Almost two-thirds of Gen Xers (63 percent) saw the value of their retirement accounts decrease last year, and more Gen Xers (15 percent) had to withdraw funds from their retirement accounts than any other non-retired generation.

1st Team All Generation X NCAA Basketball Team

Center: David Robinson - Naval Academy
Never had a 7 foot tall person been able to run the floor like 'The Admiral'. Great hands and great awareness under the basket. Made the Naval Academy a legit team for a few years.

Forward: Chris Webber - U of MI
Powerful jumper and rebounder. His nasty attitude admired by me and hated by boomers. May have the highest paid collegiate ever.

Forward: Christian Laettner - Duke
Hated his game, but I'm giving credit where it's due. Never seemed to miss a shot when the game was close. Had great low post moves but didn't look good doing them. Led Duke to 2 titles.

Guard: Kenny Anderson - GA Tech
Took the ball to the hole at will. Not even a zone defense stopped him from driving. Very fast and a wizard dribbling the ball.

Guard: Jerry Stackhouse - UNC
By far the best athlete in NCAA basketball during his era. Dunked over everyone. Would still have made the game look easy if the rim was raised to 12 feet.

NOTE: I'm aware that Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever. As incredible as he was at UNC he never truly blossomed until he entered the NBA. Besides this is all just 1 jackass' opinion.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If you use teh Googles and type in "I hate the baby boomers" guess which site shows up #2?

Rizzz-ock Out

To be fair

I've been on a kick of posting a pic of a female Gen X model each week (see previous post), so in an effort to be fair I'll post Tyson Beckford.

I came up with him in a rather lame, somewhat comical way. I asked my 34 year old gal-pal at work "if you could screw any dude from our generation who would it be?".

Note: I cannot promise I'll update the male Gen X supa model as often as the female.

Supa Model

This photo of Paulina Porizkova was a favorite amongst my middle school circle of dudes. Is she still dating the lead singer of The Cars?

Hey you boomers, get off of my lawn! (and leave the office, too)

Professor Dan just earned a new follower.....
The financial downturn has left all sorts of casualties in its wake: more unemployment, depressed wages, and greater economic uncertainty. But I'd like to direct my angst at a different target -- the baby boomers.

A hidden effect of this crisis is that, in the workplace, as in popular discourse, they simply refuse to get out of the way.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't get it either?

Really, it's best to not ever catch up with most people from your past.
Is it me, or, unless you’re networking for professional reasons or you really want to get in touch with that chick that blew you off in high school (to remind her that you’re still a dork, apparently) does anyone else find Facebook a supreme waste of time?
And since I let Icepick speak for me about Facebook, here I'll let John Cole be my voice for Twitter.

Gen X in Sports

I'm not going to miss Curt Schilling from MLB. He's like a foolish boss that believes he's much more intelligent than you peons. Truth is he has to unzip his fly to count to 11. (Full Disclosure: I'm a New York Yankee zombie fan)

Also, Lance Armstrong fell down and went boom.

I really hate some of our generation

My post on OYE.

Yeah, they're pretty fuct

I have a bad feeling they're gonna grow up all Mad Max. What's that stoopid boomer song "teach your children well".
This is perhaps the one issue that angers me more than all of the others that have sprung up over the last year. I have two boys, ages 4 and 2, and they are getting ROYALLY SCREWED right now. I often wonder what kind of future my boys will have in this country. I've even thought(though not seriously yet) about moving my family out of the country so that I don't have to wonder about their future.

Fun with maps

How's the unemployment rate in your county?

Me? We're up to 9.5 (+4.8 from a year ago).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last great Gen X band?

Plenty of fellow guitarists like to bag on Jack White's playing. Whatever, it's their prerogative. I just never believed you have to be able to play scales at 200 MPH to get your point across.

Hooped Out

I'm a worthless blogger during the NCAA basketball tournament. Getting back on track now that it's over......until next weekend!

My bracket has taken a beating. Damn you West Virginia University!

JenX- Look at Oklahoma kicking some azz again today. And Oklahoma State played tough, too. I'm happy for you. Since the Florida Gators showed that OU really isn't much of a football school it's good to see you have a different team to rally around.

: )

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They've been quiet over the last month. Too quiet.

..but here's another 1/2 assed attempt at justifying a possible existence of a "Generation Jones".
What characterizes the Obama generation? To its boosters, like Jonathan Pontell, author of the "Generation Jones" construct, they(people born in the mid-1950s to the mid-'60s) are "practical idealists," tempered by growing up in a world in which many of their parents were more interested in self-fulfillment than they were in their children. That meant that, as latch-key kids stuck in front of the TV or left to their own devices, they had to master their own destiny at an early age the best they could.

"Where the Boomers naively tried to change the system and the Xers in a sense walked away from the system, my generation used the system to get what we wanted," Pontell told a reporter. "It's like the Boomers never realized they were playing the game, the Xers folded their cards, and my generation was wise to the game but said deal the cards anyway."
So funny. Throughout the history of the United States every generation amounts to approximately 20 or so years. But not the Jonesers. They're so special they deserve their very own 10 years.

Final 4 Picks

I'll put myself on record by offering my picks to go to this year's NCAA basketball Final Four. I probably watch about 10 hours of college hoops each week, but please do not mistake this as a testament that I'll do well in the office pool.

As follows......

West Virginia University
Univ of Pittsburgh
UNC - Chapel Hill

In the championship game I have Pitt defeating UNC.


I guess ya truly never know.
Natasha Richardson, a gifted and precocious heiress to acting royalty whose career highlights included the film "Patty Hearst" and a Tony winning performance in a stage revival of "Cabaret," died Wednesday at age 45 after suffering a head injury during a beginners' ski lesson.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Thought

Just figured out the reason I no longer feel young: I didn't go out for St. Patty's day to go drink, fight, puke on the saw-dust floor of an Irish bar and I don't feel like I'm missing out. Had I felt the need to go out I'd still be young.

Greatest Gen X College Hoops Team

1990 UNLV Running Rebels. Cocky, talented, fun and National Champions.

3 of their stars decided to come back for their senior year (1990-91 season) instead of going onto the NBA. They'd probably have had to take a pay cut if they went pro.

Supa Model

One thing I never heard about Kate Moss was "ahhh, she's alright". Either you thought she was hot, or not. There wasn't any in between.

Me? I think she's smokin'. But I've always done weird things in life like get really drunk and go home with a skinny girl (the "big boned" girls always tended to have a crowd around them at 2:00 AM).

Boring stuff no one cares about

Until we're too broke to retire.
In this latest financial meltdown a lot of attention has been spent talking about the baby boomers who are looking to retire but have recently seen their nest egg drop 30% or more in a little over a year. This is obviously a significant event and will lead to a lot of changes in how the older generation views retirement and investing in general, but what about us? This generation has taken it on the chin twice in just the past decade right as we’re trying to hit the ground running. This has some members of Gen X reconsidering what it means to have job security and how to invest for the future.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Okay, I'll admit it. Not all boomers suck.

y post on Operation Yellow Elephant. OYE has been a strange site lately. It receives literally 10X the traffic of Latchkey Man (nearly 1/2 million total page views), but sometimes a week will go by without a comment. Bizzarro.

Granted, the site does have a narrow focus, and most of the regulars tend to be Type-A dudes you wouldn't want to look at funny.

Generational Bickering

Shit. We're starting to sound like babyboomers during the 90's.
Their quest to alter Washington's gay landscape also reveals the tensions between Millennials and Generation Y-ers in their 20s, and Generation X-ers in their mid- to upper 30s and 40s. Some establishment Washingtonians view Rosen's efforts as cliche, a cycle that every so often churns out a batch of strivers who feel entitled to a brand.

"I think every young person thinks they're the new gay," said Kevin Naff, 38, editor of the Blade, where Rosen worked until he was laid off last year. "When I was that age, I thought I listened to all the cool music and knew all the cool places to go -- that's what your 20s are for. I think every new generation wants to have their own music, their own language."

Dropping like rock stars

Tampa has been bad news for wrestlers for decades (as noted by Kath in the comments). Mr. Perfect checked out here, Hulk Hogan's family life disintegrated in a house on the intercoastal and most recently "Test" died.
Andrew "Test" Martin, a World Wrestling Entertainment star from earlier this decade, was found dead in his Tampa, Fla., apartment Friday night. He was 33 years old.

The cause of death wasn't immediately known, the Tampa Tribune reported.

Martin worked for WWE from 1998 to 2004 and 2006 to 2007. Martin was thrust into a prominent position from the onset because of his size and muscularity, with the "Test" nickname being short for "testosterone."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Burnt' Out

Tough weekend. Wedding to attend and the SEC basketball tourney since Thursday here in Tampa. Brutal life I live having to watch my favorite sport and running into every teams' cheerleaders at the hotel the wedding reception was held at.

"Hey, Sweetie, let's you and me get weird. Jump into this hotdog Caddy and we'll flash over to my suite at the Flamingo, load up on ether and behave like wild animals in my private, kidney-shaped pool . . ." - Hunter S. Thompson

Regular posting to resume tomorrow. Latchkey need sleepy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This'll keep you awake tonight

Sorry, to be all "YouTubey" lately, but I gotta run. A buddy of mine blew his ACL and had surgery today. Poor guy played linebacker in the South Eastern Conference and never suffered an injury. And now, 15 years later a flag football league did him in.

Hopefully he's sleeping when I get there so I'll be able to score his meds.

Our timing really sux

2 recessions in a decade and we're still standing.....well for now....we can always move back into our college flop houses with 6 other roommates again.....right?
Matsumoto, 31, and other members of Generation X — born roughly between 1961 and 1981 — have been hit by an economic double whammy. While much has been made of the plight of older baby boomers, in less than a decade many Gen Xers have taken a hard spill off the Internet wave and now have been knocked down again by an ugly recession, one of the worst on record.

HT: JenX

They're always the last to know...

Boomer finally realizing they're all a bunch of toolboxes. Shhhhh, no one tell him it's been this way since the 80's.
Anybody who is not a Boomer and who reads this column can’t help but sense that we Boomers think we’re pretty special.

It’s hard not to think of yourself as special when there are 76-million of us who call ourselves Boomers and we’ve managed to put our mark on practically everything in society.

And now it’s quite a shock for us old Boomers to realize that the “Groovy Generation” is way past 30 and there are a couple of new kids on the block cooling their heels and waiting for us old guys and gals to move out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jesus I love speed. I'd lose my mind if I didn't own a sportbike.

As witnessed below, it's unbelievable the amount of power even a 600cc motorcycle will make.

NOTE: this is in KPH, not MPH.

Elle Macpherson

So. Effin. Hot.

I'll have to buy this

Can't believe he found a publisher......
Why do Baby Boomers suck? Let me count the ways! First you have the feeling of entitlement where everyone thinks they deserves to eat their cake and then a slice of the other guy’s too. Second is politics—everything is red or blue, Republican or Democrat, Left of Right and it doesn’t matter what’s right anymore. Third is the corporate system in which millions of us have been shuffled in to and used and abused while our Baby Boomer middle managers make all the money for doing nothing. The list goes on and on.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Keep on forgetting

...that not all Xsters were Punk/Metal/Rap fans. My college roomie's grrrlfriend liked this tune.

Cheers Laura!

We might as well have been born 80 years ago

Cuz as kids we probably had more in common with grade school kids during the 30's than the current pupils have with us.
Steve Hodson, who grew up in Aurora, and now lives in Texas, commented on the digital age, which is perhaps the most dramatic change that’s occurred since Gen Xers were in school.

“There were no cell phones then,” he said. “Now there’s texting that can result in cheating, and subversive communication during class.”

Not to mention, back then we had to beg the school secretary to let us use the phone to call mom for a ride home.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm an asshole, but I'm not sure how to classify this one?

It appears that Australia has carnival trash, too. H/T: JenX

This is going to sound really bizarre coming from me since 1/2 of my posts tend to bash other generations, but I at least try to have a sense of humor about it, and I hope what I write is interpreted as tongue-in-cheek clownery, as this is what I strive for. Anyhow, this Millenial is about as kind as a rhino whacked out on PCP.

Meet Emma Mayall, another typical brat that was born on 3rd base but thinks she hit a triple. A writer in Australia that isn't a particularly talented with what she taps onto the keyboard.

Note the 1st sentence:
Generation X tends to be a smug lot.
I'm thinking Pulitzer here!

Let's move onto her wishing Gen X to fail:

Many Xers had good reason for this and deserved a laugh. There’s little else little else for them to be cheery about, what with their hungry offspring and hungrier mortgages to contend with during today’s climate of job insecurity. Not to mention the usual greying hair and sagging body parts.
Okay, I'm going to be a dick, but she started with the physical attributes bashing, so I'm going to mention the obvious. The pic I posted of Emma is very kind to her (the sunglasses hide some bland eyes). I've gotten tanked, went home with girls that look much better than Emma, and I still had regrets.........Okay, okay, I'll stop with making fun of teh ugly and move onto the ugliness of her post.

"Are you there, Reality? It's me, Emma."

She's completely missing the point. Recessions are not 'generation specific', so I'm unsure of how she thinks the current economic climate is really putting the screws to Gen X alone. The economy has effected babyboomers, GenXers and Millenials. All 3 generations have lost value in their homes. All 3 generations have lost loot from their retirement savings. All 3 generations have lost jobs. Get it, Emma? WE'RE ALL FUCKED.

I wasn't able to find an email address for Emma, but here's her FaceBook page if you'd like a little more info on her over-privileged, silver spoon life. BTW Emma, you can thank Gen X for creating Facebook.

With regrets of ever hearing of Emma,


"If you're not down with DX I got 2 words for ya"


Yeah, I'm an unashamed wrasslin' fan. Got hooked as a kid watching Andre The Giant, Superfly Snuka and the local product, and greatest of all time, Hulk Hogan.

Apparently I wasn't the only one of Generation X that had been a fan since during the 90's there was a huge resurgence in the popularity of the WWE led by those born in the 60's and 70's.

Anyway, here's a pretty good chronology of one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history.
Both men has also been past Royal Rumble winners, World Heavyweight Champions, headlined Wrestlemania, won Ironman matches, been in a part of the most dangerous match of All-Time, Hell in a Cell; both have won an Elimination Chamber match, and both has had career threatening injuries.

But before of all that, in late 1997, Triple H and Shawn would create one of the most popular and greatest groups of all time, D-Generation X.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A i C

Florida; great place to visit but I wouldn't wanna..

-Uhhh, I think she could have served during the Korean War, so why are the Marines asking her to Be A Man! Enlist! ??

-Christ Jesus! I'm sure the cops wished they'd busted a cuter couple for doing the ole 'in-out-in-out' in public.

-Officer to suspect: Stop punching yourself or I'll Tase you
-FL cops are busy enough. Please don't call them when McDonalds runs out of McNuggets.
-This sounds like the opening scene of a porno- Some scenarios law officers just can’t be trained for, such as finding a bag of marijuana produced from the rectal area of a female recently engaged in coitus with another female.
-"See, I told you this gun isn't loaded." KAAAAPLOOOEEEE!!! "Oh shit, that was my foot."
-You bring back the wrong beer to a trailer park in Florida you get the business end of a switchblade.
HT: Fark

Payday tomorrow, beeeeyotches!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These Poor Families

The now infamous boating trip.

The family of missing boater Marquis Cooper is refusing to give up hope. Father Bruce Cooper insists his son is sill waiting to be rescued."In my heart of hearts I believe he's out somewhere there just waiting to be found," Bruce Cooper told journalists Wednesday afternoon.

The Coast Guard gave up its search sunset Tuesday with confidence there are no more survivors from Marquis' boat, recovered late Wednesday.

I hope that somehow, some way, the family members accept what has happened.


Strange how this babyboomer somehow thinks GenXers want to be led around by our nipple rings.
“Late boomers, of which I am one as well, share a lot of values with Gen-Xrs. That is clear from a lot of things happening recently - the election of Barack Obama, the resurgence of classic rock artists in the Grammies, the latest classic rock versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and in many other ways. I think it is because we were raised in an idealistic era, with an unusual emphasis on creativity, love, nonviolence, tolerance, and pragmatism. Gen-Xr’s are looking to get past the ugliness and intolerance of the past decades, and us late boomers are helping to show the way because of the environment in which we grew up.”

Dude, the only thing we learned from you is how not to be a hypocritical, values flip-flopping fucktard. Stop trying to hang out with a younger crowd. You babyboomers are about as wrinkly as my nutsack, so it's time to go play shuffleboard while you wait for the clock to run out. We hated you 3 decades ago and our sentiments haven't changed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Iggy Pop. So Gen X.

The dude was the anti-dirty-fucking-hippie. When Woodstock bands were getting stoned and singing about going to Frisco the Iggy-man was sticking needles in his veins and spouting off "I wanna be your dog".

Iggy, you've earned an honorary Gen X membership.

Millenials vs the economy

I love me some Generation Y bashing......
Variously dubbed "Generation Me," "Generation Y" or the "Everyone Gets an Award Generation," today's twentysomethings are to the boomers what the Japanese are to electronics. If the baby boomers invented me-first hyper-individualism, then the millennials have perfected it. Indeed, millennials are the children of the boomers, the product of family planing and the cult of self-esteem. They are hellbent on making it by their own rules.

A lot of those who are studying millennials have identified this "we'll do it our way" tendency as a sign of entitlement and weakness; by this logic, this won't be the greatest generation, just the whiniest and the neediest. But in my experience -- I'm Generation X with the Ys on my heels -- and in the studies of another set of observers, all that confidence instills in them just what their folks hoped it would: resilience. OK, arrogance and resilience.

My transportation the last 3 days

(the one on the left is mine)

Monday, March 2, 2009

DFW's unfinished book to be published


A long, unfinished novel by David Foster Wallace is scheduled for a posthumous release next year."The Pale King," excerpted in The New Yorker magazine edition coming out Monday, is set in an Internal Revenue Service office in Illinois in the 1980s.

Wallace's longtime publisher, Little, Brown and Company, will release the novel. Little, Brown said in a statement Sunday that the novel runs "several hundred thousand words and will include notes, outlines, and other material."

Semper Paratus

Something happened. I sat on my board waiting for a decent wave when I spotted a news helicopter heading out in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Coast Guard on Monday narrowed the search area for two NFL players and a third man missing since a weekend fishing trip off the Florida Gulf Coast after crews rescued a fourth man clinging to their capsized boat.

Survivor Nick Schuyler, a former University of South Florida player, told rescuers that the boat the four friends were aboard was anchored when it flipped Saturday evening in rough seas, said Coast Guard Capt. Timothy M. Close. Since then, Schuyler, who was wearing a life vest, had been hanging onto the boat found by a Coast Guard cutter 35 miles off Clearwater.

The Coasties are some righteous dudes and dudettes. What a tough job they've enlisted to do. Most of the time around here they are rescuing drunks that hit sandbars, but more often than not they're risking their lives to save boaters in a bad spot or chasing smugglers with 5 mil worth of dope and no intentions of going down easily.

Thanks USCG!

"Get Over Here!"

I still go to arcades. But it's evident they don't have the allure they once did since a good portion of the games are the same ones I was playing on in the 80's and 90's.

I guess I ain't the only one that misses gaming outside the home.

Back in the H2O

The wave-deprived Gulf Coast has been having a decent swell.

RULE: No posts go up until the surf goes down.