Sunday, January 31, 2010

You want music. I gotcha some music.

When I listened to the college radio in the 80's/90's I always thought that those that listened to the big radio stations were such suckers for not being able to "understand what they're missing". What a smug prick I was. Still though, even through my assholishness I was right.

Parentals is weird

When I coached at a middle school it felt disheartening to learn that the athletes seemed more mature than their parents. But I was dealing with baby boomer parents at the time and should have expected this (not that I see changing with today's GenXster parents).
The firings of Texas Tech's Mike Leach and South Florida's Jim Leavitt and the forced resignation of Kansas' Mark Mangino occurred after players and/or their parents accused them of verbal and physical abuse on the on the practice field, playing field or in the locker room.

Obviously I don't think kiddies should get smacked around by coaches, but enough of the 'protecting a child's self-esteem' bullshit. Especially collegiate athletes, because they're, you know, considered adults at that point in their lives.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Because I'm also a misanthrope.....

Thurston Moore is also in this video? Sweet!

RIP J.D. Salinger

Like 678,054,697 other people, he left an indelible mark on mah life.

'Man you don't know how much weed I smoke'

That's what he said when the police asked him why he had $2K worth of grass in his trunk. Florida criminals are the awesomist.

Ferrari unveils the new Formula 1 car

Hard to imagine some people being parents

But this is Will's third. Time for the snip-snip?


Our most sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Morgan Dana Harrington, the 20 year old Virginia Tech student who was last seen while attending our concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA. Sadly, Morgan's body was found yesterday ending her family's three month vigil hoping and praying for her safe return. Mere words cannot express the anguish and grief that we know her parents Dan and Gil are feeling, and our thoughts are with them.

If you have any information at all about Morgan's death, please contact the Virginia State Police at (434) 352-3425 or the UVA Police at (434) 352-3467 or

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You don't have to floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.

I like how Fark said this:
Family sues, saying their dad died because of his denture adhesive. Defendants say the lawsuit has no teeth, will just gum up the court system, and the family needs to get a poligrip

We're lame, too

No parents are viewed as "cool". If any GenXster thinks they're different know that they're delusional.

NOTE TO PARENTS: nothing is more lame than trying to act "cool" to a younger generation. Embrace the lameness and irrelevance that you inherit with age.

It is difficult to spend the day with a member of an older generation without hearing a phrase like “kids these days” and watching their grey-haired heads shake as young men walk by sagging their jeans.

This scenario truly raises the question: Is this generation that much worst
than the last? The answer: Of course not.

Way to step up

Xsters donated in huge and small amounts to help Haiti victims.

So very awful situation. My co-worker/teammate on my basketball team, who was born and raised in Port Au Prince, had to wait 3 days before he heard his mother was alive. I can't imagine living thru that and then being relieved by the 'good news' that she's now only homeless.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"...I'm not a kid anymore but sometimes I sit and wish I was a kid again."

Primetime (Retro GenXster)

Greatest pic of Deion Sanders ever. Loved this dude even though he went to Florida State. Best of all? Babyboomers HATED him.

The basketball world hangs on his every movement.

No, I'm not talking about Lebron James. I speak of the guy on the left. The one who makes Nike, Reebok, the NBA commissioner, players, coaches and agents bow down.
In the NBA, all roads lead to one man, whom you’ve probably never heard of: William Wesley—a.k.a. Worldwide Wes—the most connected, most discreet, most influential man on and off the court

Lead? Follow? I don't give a fuck either way.

People that wish to be leaders should never be trusted. And people that choose to follow typically aren't very bright.
Labeled Gen X, this age group was expected to claim positions of authority and run the business world when the baby boom generation headed for the exits.

Didn't happen.

At least not yet.

The X-ers, caught between the boomers and the equally big baby boom echo, Generation Y, "continue to be overshadowed in the workplace," said Warren Cinnick, a succession planning expert.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally. The waves didn't suck on FL's Gulf Coast

A movie that shouldn't suck

Don't fuck with Joan. Her music equally or exceeded even the best Ozzy and Judas Priest albums.
Rock pioneer Joan Jett played a special Saturday night set at the Sundance Film Festival in celebration of "The Runaways," the upcoming film about her '70s L.A. all-girl rock band of the same name that had its festival premiere Sunday night. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, the film's stars, joined Jett on stage.

Give 'em the chair

With so many people in Florida you can justify shooting there's no reason to put a few slugs in the ice cream man.

Bank can't foreclose on a home they can't catch

From AutoBlog

Apology to Favre

I gave Brett Favre a lot of shit for coming back again this year. I just didn't want a GenXster icon to cheapen himself by acting like a babyboomer by not retiring. I was way wrong. Brett had a kick ass season and proved he can still play at a high level. If he comes back next year I'll keep my big-azz mouth shut.
If you are like me, you are sad this morning at the prospect of having possibly witnessed Brett Favre's final game as a football player. Sure, we've seen this before, the waves goodbye, the emotional locker room hugs, but this time the scene of the the tired, pain-wracked body of the 40 year old NFL legend leaving the field at the Superdome after the Vikings loss in overtime to the New Orleans Saints seemed finally..well, final.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Conan Fallout

Mah buddy-ole-pal, Jen X, politely says that baby boomers are the most self-important narcissists and won't leave the workforce until they're wheeled out feet first.

Others view the O'Brien-Leno conflict as more evidence of the marginalization of Generation X, all those children of the '60s and '70s sandwiched between the demographic behemoths that are the baby boomers and Generation Y. (O'Brien is 46, but his audience skews younger; Leno is 59.)

Jennifer James, an O'Brien supporter in Oklahoma City who writes a blog called "are you there God? it's me, generation X," says the situation -- which happens to involve an Xer (O'Brien) losing his gig to a boomer (Leno) who won't let go of it -- reminds her of stories she's heard from people in their 30s and early 40s who can't advance in their careers because their babyboomer bosses refuse to retire.

"It's an irresistible metaphor for Gen X and the baby boomers, and the conflicts that do exist in the workplace," she says.

Indie Films

For a bunch of azzholes we GenXsters were fairly creative. Sundance wouldn't have made it past year 1 without us.
The outlook for small-budget films looks the way it always has -- "kind of grim," Redford told CNN ahead of the start of Sundance, the indie film festival he started a just over a quarter of a century ago to champion filmmakers.

"There's always the bleak view for independent film but it does manage to survive," said the veteran actor and filmmaker. Redford said technology is changing the media equation and will help independent films reach wider audiences.

Negative Thought Of The Week

Only 3 days til Monday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Build it and they will come....

Low. Even by Florida's subterranean standards.
PANAMA CITY BEACH — Hannah’s House has sat secluded on McElvey Road since June 2008.

The nonprofit, run by Anchorage Children’s Home, is a “safe haven to help young women, 16-21 years of age, to face the challenges of caring for themselves and their unborn children,” according to its Web site.

Holley Circle, the industrial park that former Show N Tail owner Allen Johnson has tabbed for his new topless bar, is a few hundred feet away from Hannah’s House.

“We would have significant concern,” Anchorage Children’s Home executive director Tim Putnam said Wednesday of the proposed adult club.

Grow the fuck up

Lame. Really, really lame.

You really should get doing drugs out of your system when you're young. I can't think of anything more depressing than seeing a wrinkly babyboomer burning a joint before they go play shuffleboard or some other activity that old people do.
Millions of baby boomers still get high.

Some 5% of Americans over age 50 admit to abusing drugs, according to a new government study.

Marijuana is the drug of choice, but many boomers can't stop popping prescription meds, forcing more and more of them into rehab.

GenXster got a promotion.

The Sierra Club 'gets it'.
At the very least, the appointment of the 38-year-old Brune marks a generational shift within the leadership of the century-old Club: Baby Boomer out, Gen X-er in. This is part of a trend in the environmental movement as younger leaders take the reins of some of the most influential green groups.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This song was unavoidable if you went to a club in the late 90's

Subliminally he had a guilty conscience

Florida burglar mistakenly tased himself. Still can't believe I choose to remain in this giant looney-bin.

Latchkey Wife

No, I don't have a wife. But someone does and she's hilarious.
NOTE: If you think I'm an obnoxious asshole, wait til you read her posts.

Wha? Actually, we blew it.

No doubt we made some $ during the Roaring 90's. Yet, as a tech industry witness I'm here to tell ya that most of us blew the money like MC Hammer.
As is often the case during periods of economic pain, the conventional wisdom is divorced from reality. Indeed, for those (including this writer) who entered the labor force back in the somewhat recessionary early '90s, much of the commentary at the time centered on how "Generation X" wouldn't achieve its parents' lifestyles; it didn't take too long before a technology and finance boom made a disaffected Generation X the richest of them all.
We're all babyboomers now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To my concerned readers: I've been afflicted by a terrible disease

The symptoms began with the blue tongue and fondness for alcohol and surfing. Is there no cure???

Actually no, I don't even have the sniffles. A local ice cream place serves "Cookie Monster" ice cream and this was the end result. Against my better judgement I posted this pic. So now you have a visual to attach to my bad attitude.

If you've yet to read this book, I still suggest it.

Even this person I never heard of before liked it. Buy book here.
And his book is short, funny and easy to read, full of pop culture references that people in their 30s and 40s will appreciate. Like me, Gordinier blames the latest generation, the Millennials, for ruining pop culture; he holds them responsible for two of the great scourges of our time, reality TV and bad pop music a la Britney Spears. Gen X, he claims, has produced great musicians, film directors and comedians, as well as entrepreneurs and activists, and he credits Gen X with a healthy mix of creativity, individuality, skepticism and hope that he feels should be directed toward making the world a better place.

Do you come with the car?

Car show models have heard it all guys, so don't attempt to be witty with your Viagra fueled comments. A new blog fights back against the filthy old tards that have to pay to get laid (I have my suspicions most of these comments come from baby boomers).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Not only was I not blogging, I wasn't able to surf the last few days, either. Bah!

Who cares? No one except babyboomers.

(the fresh face of the Super Bowl halftime show)
Fuck the NFL. I'm tired of them recycling retro rockers for the Super Bowl halftime show. We've had Springsteen, U2, Paul McCartney, Aerosmith over the last few years and now we're stuck with The Who, a band that should have forever dissolved after Keith Moon died. I'd rather them enlist a hipster band I'd never heard of than continuing this trend of exhuming half dead grandpas that gnaw on microphones with false teeth.

Gen Y'ers is weird

They must jerk off a lot.
Nelson said Twix polled current college students as well as graduates ranging from the 1970s to the 2000s and those graduating in 2010. The survey was conducted online with a random sample of 1,046 men and women in Nov. 2009, she said.

The Twix study also found that nearly two out of three current students would choose technology over a relationship, said Nelson.

This is compared to 20 years ago, when most Generation X coeds would gladly have swapped a computer for some loving, she said.

Keep milking them

Nice job, Millenials (I'm being sincere. Really). Continue to hit up your folks now, cuz you know they won't leave much for you when they run out the clock.
But helping their adult children is another matter entirely: While 66 per cent of boomer parents provided an average of $3,675 per year to their adult children, 25 per cent of these "paying parents" were bothered by having to keep their wallets open.

Much of the money goes toward their children's post-secondary education: 44 per cent of parents are paying some schooling expenses, and another 21 per cent expect to do so in the future.

Happy MLK Jr. Day

Hope ya have the day off!

I should be around this week. Long story last week- combination of a fucked up modem and visitors in town. Bah!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did he think they'd put him in the same cell?

He wanted to join his girlfriend in jail so he called the police station to tell them he was going to shoot the place up. This is Florida's version of Romeo and Juliet.

Coconut Cream and Pecan are my faves

The rant I posted on Sunday has caused quite the pie fight in Philly.
A letter writer wrote that she had her Gen-X biscuits burned because a baby boomer suggested that her generation could learn something from ours. This boomer is not stepping into the quicksand of that debate. However, I am interested in her goofy accusation that boomer children, including my daughter, are demanding Gen-Xers' jobs with a sense of "entitlement," and her self-righteous statement that she started at the bottom - something boomer children "won't do."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not exactly a shocker

This is as much of a revelation as Keith Richards coming clean on heroin use.
NEW YORK - Mark McGwire finally came clean, admitting he used steroids when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998.

McGwire said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Monday that he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade.

How do you northerners stay warm?

Hmmm...seemed like a good idea to me?
ST. PETERSBURG — A family of three was sickened Sunday by carbon monoxide poisoning while using a charcoal barbecue grill to heat their home, fire officials said.

A 77-year-old man, his 72-year-old wife and their 41-year-old daughter were treated by St. Petersburg Fire Rescue paramedics, then taken to St. Petersburg General Hospital.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Need Loud!! Now!!!!!

Not often when we get to vent in the media

Awesome rant.
As a member of Generation X, I was thrilled (and surprised) to read Maria Panaritis' articles. Our generation isn't used to being spotlighted - the baby boomers are too used to celebrating themselves to notice us, and their children are too busy demanding our jobs with a sense of entitlement.

I hope to God/Satan/Buddha that Conan knocks Leno off the air

TAKE THIS QUICK TEST: Have you ever laughed during Jay Leno's show?

If you answered "yes" to this question your sense of humor sucks.

Go Conan!

Snark Alert

Although it is cold down here in Florida (by our standards, that is), Richard Branson will not be building a ski resort in this flat, normally tropical state. Plus, the last thing I need is another hobby. Motorcycling, playing ghee-tar and surfing take up enough of my leisure time.

Another "you should be looking over your shoulder" article

This crew is younger than 30? Damn, they look terrible. I guess they're not gonna be a threat to take over modeling agencies.
GENERATION Y finally means business. They are far better educated and more globally aware and technologically savvy than any generation before them, and they are about to turn 30 this year. The oldest members of this privileged generation are poised to grab the management reins and revolutionise the workplace to suit themselves.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We grow nuts in Florida, not just oranges

I've read this 3 times and still am not sure if I follow it.
In a tangled web of sex tapes and vengeance, a 38-year-old construction supervisor told police he killed an East Lakeland man while trying to protect his teenage girlfriend's reputation.

Joey Delbert Midgett went to 36-year-old Jonas Ward's house at 3:40 a.m. Tuesday to retrieve a videotape of Ward and Denise Bradshaw, Midgett's girlfriend, having sex, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Thursday.

Minutes after Ward refused to hand over the tape, he lay dead near the front door of his house with a .45-caliber slug through his head.

A look back at the movie Singles

Personally I thought this movie was a weak-ass attempt at profitting from the current music trend. Storyline was dwarfed by the soundtrack.
After his success with a flurry of teen based movies, Cameron Crowe decided to move up a notch and look at the trials and tribulations of dating in your 20s in big city Seattle, which was going though a change in itself as the grunge movement was just set to explode and change the face of music as it was known.

Arranged in episodes rather than the normal non-stop film narrative, Singles focuses on a group of friends who live in the same building and hang out in the local coffeehouse. The central story focuses on Steve (Campbell Scott) and Linda (Kyra Sedgwick) who, after meeting at an Alice in Chains concert, fall in love and deal with the highs and lows of being in a relationship and dealing with the commitment that entails.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

740 is the new 620

Even your dope dealer wants to see a credit score.
A few years ago, a score of 620 or higher was good enough. That increased to 680 in early 2008. Then it jumped to 720 in April last year and 740 in August, says Rodney Anderson, senior managing partner of Plano, Texas-based Rodney Anderson Lending Services.

In the past, any score of 700 or higher would get a double thumbs-up from credit experts. Now, rate adjustments begin kicking in at 740, with every 20-point drop adding another adjustment.

It's unlikely I'll buy a Prius, but... a motorcyclist, I won't miss if young car buyers trend away from monster SUVs. Too many close calls with too many idjits on cell phones.

Wake up you sleepy head...

....and haul your hiney out of bed.

You don't need coffee if you have Metal!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I wussed out

The water temp dipped down to 58. My wetsuit isn't exactly made of seal skin, so I'll live to surf another day.

We have an early entry!

For the Worst Floridian of the Year contest:
VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A man tried to use a baby as a shield against a police taser.

From Swinger to Sucker

Hope he pre-nupped.
Vince Vaughn is officially spoken for!

The actor, 39, married his girlfriend Kyla Weber at a quiet ceremony in Lake Forest, Illinois on Saturday Jan. 2, his rep confirms to According, the ceremony took place before "several dozen friends and family" in an "opulent, historic house at Lake Forest Academy.

"Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model"

It's nice to know some companies still have high standards.
A dating site that markets itself as an elite community for beautiful people with a "strict ban on ugly people" has axed about 5,000 members for packing on the pounds during the holiday season.

The international site threw out members after they posted photos "revealing that they have let themselves go," according to a company statement.

"As a business, we mourn the loss of any member, but the fact remains that our members demand the high standard of beauty be upheld," said Robert Hintze, founder of "Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Greatest XL Condom Ad, Ever

I'll spare you from the predictable "this was me on a nude beach" joke.


I'm so there

I missed them at the '92 Lollapalooza. I had to leave at mid-concert to get stitches in my forehead.
Twelve years after calling it quits, legendary grunge band Soundgarden are set to reunite in 2010. Former singer Chris Cornell made the long-hoped-for announcement on New Year's Eve via Twitter.

"The 12-year break is over and school is back in session," Cornell wrote. "Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!"

Post # 1001

Whoa. The post just below this one was # 1000 for this site.

Guess I should take a moment to thank you for dropping by this musty corner of intertubeland. I hope I've contributed a place for you to come by every day and waste a few moments of your employer's time and $.

And BTW, if you do come by here regularly I truly believe you need a "check-up from the neck-up" because most of what I post is meaningless garbage that is as useless as the nipples on my chest. ;)

Thank you!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So much better than James Taylor...

The Arthritis Tour

Just read that James Taylor and Carole King will be touring together in 2010 as though people didn't get enough of the singer/songwriter crap during the 70's.

Little wonder why Punk Bands came to be during that same time period.

When the carriage turns into a pumpkin

A lesson I learned in the 2000's: when the stupid people that you know begin to make a lot of money expect it all to collapse.