Thursday, September 30, 2010

The only baby boomer that matters

Up in smoke

Better ways exist to let your significant other know it's over.
A man in a combative relationship is accused of setting fire to photos of his current flame in their apartment — putting neighbors' units at risk of burning, police said.

Hollywood police arrested Jonathan Sanchez Jimenez, 23, on Wednesday. He is charged with one count of first-degree arson and one count of aggravated assault, Hollywood Police Lt. Manny Marino said.

On Thursday, Broward County Judge John "Jay" Hurley set Jimenez's bail at $20,000. The judge ordered him to have no contact with his girlfriend, and required him to get a mental evaluation and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

"You know"

Noticing an annoying speech habit people have. When in the act of describing something that I don't know they continually say "you know".

For Example: "I wanted to get a better Metal crunch for riffing on my guitar, so I, you know, dropped the E string down to D tuning".

If you don't play guitar how the fuck are you supposed to, "you know", realize it makes sense?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't believe this has 13 million hits on YouTube

KISS snubbed again!

A quick vent. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees came out today and KISS has been passed over again. I mean Bon Fucking Jovi was nominated over my favorite dudes in makeup and tights. Please kill me.

I have to think that they're paying a heavy price for the dreadful song 'I was made for loving you'.

He must work for BP

This man should be given a straw and forced to drink the mess he created.
According to a Charlotte County Sheriff's Office report, Obidov told employees at the station that he'd accidentally put unleaded gas into his diesel engine car. He then attempted to use two garden hoses to pump the gas out.

The fluid from one hose drained onto the asphalt near a storm drain, and the other
hose drained down a grassy slope that leads to a protected wetland area, 6 feet away from a sign indicating the protected area.

When approached by the Wal-Mart Assistant Manager who pointed out that he was draining the gasoline into the wetlands, Obidov reported stated "I got to do what I got to do" and continued to drain his fuel tank.


Goddamn prescription drugs.
Comedian Greg Giraldo died today at the age of 44 -- five days after he was
hospitalized for an overdose.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Turn out your heart light

Looks like Neil's gonna take the boomers $ one more time. Suckers.
Neil Diamond, one of the most successful singer-songwriters of the past four decades, will release his new album on Nov. 2.

The album, titled “Dreams” will be a collection of covers of his favorite songs from the past rock era, such as “Ain't No Sunshine,” a song by Bill Withers’s album "Just As I Am" and “A Song for You,” written and performed by rock singer Leon Russell in the 1970s

Honda sorta 'gets it'

Honda owes much to Gen X. We sat front row when the 'tuners' started turning Civic hatchbacks into Camaro killing rockets. They gave us the still very cool CRX which looked sporty and felt extremely fun to drive and didn't cost much..........and then they came out with the CR-Z (above) as some kind of replacement to appease us old school Honda lovers. The thing is a hybrid, for christsakes. I'd have to drive to the Georgia/Florida state line before I hit 60 MPH. Oh well, at least their marketing team had us in mind. Better luck next car.
Honda created a 3D circus in Times Square last Thursday with "CRZ3dNYC," an event showcasing the 2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid.

Targeting Gen X & Yers who love gaming and music, Honda chose an ideal venue to showcase its car with a heavy dose of 3D technology.

Monday, September 27, 2010

as I said earlier


Wow. Blanda was still playing when I was 4 years old.
"We are deeply saddened by the passing of the great George Blanda," the Raiders said Monday in confirming his death. "George was a brave Raider and a close personal friend of Raiders owner Al Davis." The Pro Football Hall of Fame said on its website that Blanda died Monday after a brief illness.

Blanda retired a month shy of his 49th birthday before the 1976 season. He spent 10 seasons with the Bears, part of one with the Baltimore Colts, seven with the Houston Oilers and his final nine with the Raiders.

"Here is something you can't understand... I can just kill a man. (After you kill a robber just remember to flush your drugs down the toilet before the cops arrive).
Deputies say the husband was able to grab his loaded gun near the bed and open fire, hitting one who was masked, once in the head. The other was hit in the torso.

Both are teenagers.

Otilio Rubio, 15, is in critical condition at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. The other injured teen, William Murphy, 16, was shot in the torso and is in stable condition.

Judd says the homeowner called 911 and responding Davenport police and Polk Sheriff's deputies took the injured suspects into custody and found two other suspects hiding behind a nearby fence.

Over-estimating one's athleticism

Well at least a gator didn't eat him.
Authorities say a South Florida man who bet $50 that he could swim across a canal behind his house drowned while attempting the feat.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

take that exit

Endless Summer

I don't think education is the magic cure all bullet for Florida's stoopidness, but I'm sorta sure this kid didn't learn that much from playing video games every day during school hours.
DeLAND, Fla. -- A DeLand woman's lax attitude about school attendance landed her in jail, according to the state attorney's office in Volusia County.

Penny Kersey, 32, was arrested after the Volusia County Sheriff's Office discovered her 10-year-old son had missed more than 64 days of school at Freedom Elementary. All of the missed days were unexcused absences.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry, had to skip town for a few days

When I had a few vacation days to burn I had intentions of staying local to get some tasks I've put off for awhile finally taken care of. And then Saturday morning my bud called me from the Atlantic Coast, tellin' me the surf looked epic, and that he has beer in his fridge and he'd welcome me to crash on the couch. I strapped my board to the car's roof and crossed Interstate 4.

Then on Sunday night I received a call from another bud wanting to rub it in that he's fishing in The Keys and that I'd have to go back to work on Monday. I told him "work is for kids" and that he'd "see me in 5 hours".

Now I sit here at home again wearing the same boardshorts I pulled on 5 days ago. Not a chore complete, not a blog post in nearly a week, slightly hungover and dreading my return to work tomorrow.

You can always count on me to flake out on you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, deal with it

Kid Rocky

Why did he go to a Waffle House? After the bars close that's where you go if you wanna fight.
DECATUR, Ga. – Musician Kid Rock testified Thursday that he exchanged some tough words with a customer before a 2007 melee at an Atlanta-area Waffle House
restaurant but didn't start fighting until provoked.

"I gave it to him verbally, I said, 'Shut your mouth, man,'" the singer testified in DeKalb County court, adding that while members of his entourage hit Harlen Akins during the fight, the musician never landed a punch.

Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock, and five members of his entourage are being sued over the 2007 fight.

1990's hits the recycle bin

I don't necessarily want to see a bunch of youngins' trivialize my most favorite decade. I just hope they take the best of what we offered and expand on it to create something of their own.
The 1970s had Happy Days and Grease. Generation X heroes like Beck and Beastie Boys made ’70s kitsch cool. The ’00s loved the ’80s. And as the wheels of time grind toward the ’10s, the whole world feels that 20-year itch to revisit the effortless cool and mud-caked melancholy of a time before microblogging, ubiquitous 3D movies, and easily accessible MP3s. It’s in the context-free repositories of nostalgic JPEGS currently clogging your Tumblr feed, and it’s also heavily apparent during a week that sees Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, Shonen Knife, and Reality Bites all playing in Austin: The ’90s revival is fully underway.

When Gen X ruled the basketball courts

Just because I believe in Zombies

It doesn't mean I believe in UFO's. Yet it goes without saying that stoopid Floridians thought E.T. had phoned home.
The U.S. Coast Guard says they were notified after-the-fact that the Air Force was conducting a "flare exercise" offshore. Spencer says they typically notify the Coast Guard of any exercises.

Rusty Parham, who witnessed the light show over Fort Myers Beach, says he believes there might be more to it than flare exercises.

"I don't understand why you'd be in that formation doing drills, and another thing I don't understand is why you'd be doing that off the coast, where everybody could see you in South Florida," he said. "Listen, I'm not nuts. I've lived here my whole life. I've never seen anything like this."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

not so Young Guns

Gen X does seem skeptical of "community" more so than boomers and Gen Whiners. We seemed to have traveled in "tribes" rather than as a measurably large citizenry.

Still, it's unlikely it will interest me in reading this book written by Gen X politicians. I follow politics closely, too closely perhaps. But every time I've met a politician I feel like taking a deep cleaning, scum-scrubbing shower afterward.
This week three top Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives-- Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan -- will release their new book, Young Guns, outlining a vision for America's future that reflects their Generation X philosophy of individual autonomy and hostility to community or collective action.

He's like the biggest man that has walked the Earth

Why didn't he just dunk him?
A former employee of NBA player Shaquille O'Neal is claiming that ball player may have taken the whole ‘Hack-a-Shaq' thing to another level.

The Boston Celtics center is being accused of computer hacking, destroying evidence
and attempting to plant child porn on a former employees personal computer.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad ass movie when I was a kid

Really thought this must have been in Tampa

A story I wish happened in FL.
Covington cops say alcohol and drugs may have been a factor in a modern-day version of "Lady Godiva."

According to a Covington Police spokesman, a cab driver picked up 29-year-old Jennifer Gille from a local motel, after she asked to be taken to an address off Harrison Avenue.

Covington Police Capt. Jack West said that upon arrival at the address, the woman refused to exit the cab. Further complicating matters, the cab driver said the woman "began acting crazy," taking off her clothing and demanding the cab driver take her to Michigan.

My heroes

The boomers are like a generation of MC Hammers. They had money, notoriety, life by the balls and then they just fucked it all up. So I'm finding comedy that The Atlantic thinks the biggest fuckups have a clue as how to clean up their mess.
Self-absorbed, self-indulged, and self-loathing, the Baby Boom generation at last has the chance to step out of the so-called Greatest Generation’s historical shadow. Boomers may not have the opportunity to save the world, as their predecessors did, but they can still redeem themselves by saving the American economy from the fiscal mess that they, and their fathers and mothers, are leaving behind.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gets me pumped up for my next surf session

This is my 1500th post!

I guess giving the kid "time out" didn't work

Hey, at least he apologized.
A Leesburg man accused of using a BB gun to motivate a teenager during football drills in blistering heat said Monday he's sorry and that the incident was a misunderstanding.

Robert Lynn Barker, 41, left his family home and was forced to cut off all contact with his stepson after he was arrested Saturday on a child-abuse charge. He told the Orlando Sentinel that he would never hurt the boy he raised from infancy.

"I didn't mean for this to get out of hand," a tearful Barker said. "I'm sorry if I did something wrong. Maybe I was a little over-zealous. I'm sorry."

No one cares

Lately their hasn't been too much GenX info out there. Hope you're not getting sick of all the crazy Florida news?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I used to have friends that looked like them. Eventually we all conformed. Suckers.

We don't raise them very bright down here

If a FL politician runs on spending more on education they'll have my full support. Half the people that live here have bolts in their neck.
NICEVILLE – A 22-year-old woman driving around with an open can of alcohol and crack cocaine was arrested after she flagged down a Niceville Police officer for directions.

Thought this only happens in rich towns?

Local governments love to drop the full weight of the law on the powerless.
But Pearson lives in North Port, a city that has targeted citizens for violating rules regulating everything from how often you mow your grass to the cars in your driveway.

North Port took Pearson to court this month over fines of more than $27,000 for keeping her old car in the driveway without a license plate. If the city wins its case, Pearson could be facing bankruptcy.

"It's been a nightmare," said Pearson, 49, who works two jobs to stay afloat as she raises three teenagers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You'd think I hate this but I don't

I always dug performance art bands like The Velvet Underground. Which in turn makes me really enjoy metal acts like Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I guess I just like acts that want to make sure the audience gets what they pay for. But strangely I like a lot of bands that show up to a concert too drunk to play their instruments.

Am I even making sense? I'm up kind of late. And this isn't one of those times, but sometimes I show up to my laptop too drunk to blog.

She did this cuz she felt jealous of Jennifer Lopez

Stories like this make me really appreciate my girlfriend.
MILTON – A 34-year-old Milton woman was arrested after her husband alleged she attempted to burn his boat, go-kart and Jacuzzi after an argument.

Shannon Wriska was arrested Sept. 2 and charged with a first-degree battery charge and arson, a second-degree felony.

At 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon, Santa Rosa County deputies were dispatched to Fleetwood Drive in Milton in reference to an arson complaint, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. When deputies arrived, they noticed a boat parked in front of a trailer was partially burned. Flames had reached the side of the trailer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yeah, I laughed

Can't figure out what personal memories this song should bring back?

From a reasonably cool boomer

An interview with, Tamara Erickson, the person I did a book review for a few months back.
Ms. Erickson: It will be harder to get the jobs because more [boomers] will be fearful of moving on or cutting back, which I always thought was the more practical solution for boomers. I never really thought that they should in fact leave totally. But I do think they should cut back and move into part-time positions and turn over the leadership reins to the Xers. I think you're going to see less willingness to do that than even before. I also think to the extent that they get the jobs, the challenge is just a lot tougher. So there's almost an element "Do you want that top job or not," because it's going to be really tough if you get it.

The one silver lining is that I don't think Xers were surprised by the recession in the same way that boomers and Generation Ys were. I think those are both very rose-colored-glasses generations. I think boomers were absolutely stunned that something bad had happened to them. Most Xers I know have always thought about the great what-if and have worked hard throughout their careers to think about back-up plans and alternatives.

After putting up with boomer music for 50 years

It seems about time at least 1 radio station gives enough of a fuck about us to spin our tunes.
New slogan at the former current-focused rhythmic Hot 93.9 KIKI is “Your generation’s ol’skool.” The appeal is to Generation X listeners who want a great deal of variety, including some Hawaiian flavors, but a rhythmic beat throughout the playlist.

Most Useful Course in History of Education

You laugh, but I'm tellin' ya Zombies are coming. (HT: to the world renowned Kath)
Students taking the class will watch 16 classic zombie films and read zombie comics. As an alternative to a final research paper they'll be allowed to write scripts or draw storyboards for their ideal zombie flicks.

The university isn't the first to have a class on the undead. Columbia College in
Chicago has offered a course on Zombies in popular media for years, and at Simpson College in Iowa students spent the spring semester writing a book on "The History of the Great Zombie War."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rough summer nearly over

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for dropping by this summer. Particularly since I had to miss a lot of blogging due to some crappy crap. The fact that I have people who willingly drop in here to see what nonsense I posted truly blows me away.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Take my freedom of speech

But you'll have to pry my roll of single dollar bills from my cold, dead hands.
ORMOND BEACH, Fla. -- Some locals are trying to stop the opening of a bikini bar, but city leaders said there is nothing illegal about Cheaters.

Ormond Beach residents spoke out about the business, which plans to open on US-1, near I-95.

"I will do everything in my power to stop people like you," one resident said.

The location is not in Ormond Beach, however, it is an unincorporated area of Volusia County. The business is properly zoned and legal.

The owner, who runs strip clubs in Cocoa Beach and Rhode Island, said this bar will bring more than 50 jobs to the area and put money on the tax roll.

I'll never be accused of acting mature

But you'll never see me trying to act young.
In a recent USA Weekend magazine, the cover story was about Drew Barrymore. Generally, that wouldn't interest me, but this story caught my eye. The cover quoted her as saying, “I'm trying to figure out what the second half of my life is going to be.”

Barrymore, 35, is only six months younger than me, and only slightly young enough still to remain within the youth-obsessed media's acceptable age demographic.

From the perspective of today's teens, I suppose she's been an adult for a long time now. By any reasonable standard, 35 is fairly adult. But, as someone who's known about (if not actually known) Barrymore since we were both 7, it's odd, having to consider that someone still so youthful and immature-seeming is barreling towards 40. Because that means that I am, too.

This isn't a problem for me, though. I'm one of those people who got called “an old soul” by concerned teachers. I can't wait to yell, “Get off my lawn!” at some rambunctious kids without having to worry that they might still consider me young enough for a fight.