Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kinda want to bust stuff up

May be away from the 'puter for a few days. Which ever direction the job is heading I'm gonna have to ramp up before Monday. (It may get really YouTubey around here over this time, so I'll try to post relevant shit for our aging azzes)

Fucked up times

Mah job went to a lucky winner in Costa Rica today. Didn't fire me, just sending me to a different division within the company with the same pay. Although I won't know which division til Friday.

A few good friends got the business end of the axe. Poor fuckers. All have many more responsibilities than I have. None of them have acted irresponsibly with their lives- mortgage, car payments, the same as many people. They did a great job for the company. Literally, sitting within a 50 foot radius of my desk I can point out a dozen worthless drones that should have gone before them.

Pathetic. The IT industry they helped build has turned on them. "Thanks for the use of your brains fellas, but we found some folks a few degrees lower down on that latitude, taught them whatcha know and gave them the job you've helped revolutionize over the last 15 years back when you was young. Course we only havtah pay them bout the same as it costs you in gasoline each year."

Stock shot up $1.40 today. At least the shareholders are happy, right? I hate those cocksuckers. I've seen the major shareholders at their quarterly meetings. I hate those cocksuckers. Most wear Rolex's. Many arrive via limo. I hate those cocksuckers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I can laugh at this now

I felt really betrayed when Peter Steele, from the band Type O Negative went on the Springer show. The dude that looked over his mic at the audience with a death stare and wore more black than an undertaker became a guest on the same stage that had previous guests explaining to the world why they married their sister-cousin.

Oh well. It's comedy now.

Johnny and Kenny from Type O Negative have a new album for their band Seventh Void.

Harder to justify

It's really becoming difficult to not move to FL's east coast. Gulfsters haven't seen waves like this in months.

We're a bunch of wingnuts

This is really an unsurprising find.
The children of the baby boomers, Generation X, were thus born into a world of increasing cynicism about government, and they grew up during the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Senior administrations, when government was under systematic assault and social ills were blamed on a failed welfare state. Their depressed outlook was further fueled by a multitude of griefs -- from rising divorce rates to the economic recession to the crack epidemic to the AIDS explosion -- that made the world a dangerous place. In 1984 and 1988, as Generation X came of voting age, only 40.8 percent and 36.2 percent of people under 25 voted in those respective presidential elections. And this generation remains the most disaffected -- and conservative -- in the electorate.

Ronnie Reagan seemed to speak to a lot of GenXsters. Certainly many I grew up with continue to have admiration for the man. I can see why Reagan's message of 'you don't need to be governed by the government' resonated with so many of us since a high % of Xsters grew in single households or in homes where both parents worked. Since 5th grade I've felt like I've been my own boss. I made my breakfast every morning (granted, it usually consisted of toasting Pop Tarts) and threw my own clothes in the washing machine. After school let out I had 4 hours to screw around before the 1st of my parentals parked their car for the night. So, yeah, having "the man" look out for those with similar backgrounds doesn't sound enticing.

NOTE: I'm not claiming to have had a rough upbringing; decent schools, comfy house, nice clothes, vacations every year, et cetera. I had fun and happened to learn the importance of independence along the way.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Free the D to the O, Double G

I hope Snoop did hit the guy, lies to the court, and gets away with it.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Snoop Dogg told jurors on Monday that he didn't hit a man suing him for millions of dollars with a brass-knuckle microphone during a melee
at one of his 2005 concerts.

The rapper (real name: Calvin Broadus) took the stand for nearly two hours and denied that he hit Richard Monroe Jr. during the show near Seattle. Broadus said he went back to his tour bus immediately after Monroe jumped on stage and was tackled by security.

Sorry. Too many whack-jobs out there not to protect yourself with weapons. After Dime Bag was shot to death on stage I don't blame entertainers for protecting themselves. If you jump on stage, you pay the price.

Why Japanese Imports will remain on top.

Of all the industries that turned their back on the youth market none is more guilty than Detroit. Look at the car above. Nice looking, I concede this fact. The problem is this is a near replica of the same late 60's/early 70's model.

The issue is I have NO personal attachment to a car like this and those younger than me have even less. I didn't grow up with these, and the few I saw as a teenager were ratted out with faded paint and broken mufflers. Detroit pissed on forward thinking and decided to repackage the same crap they made decades ago to capture the babyboomer market a final time.

The domestic cars can't even perform with an equally priced Japanese equivalent. Check out this car comparison between a Ford Mustang vs. a Subaru STI:

Yeah, I bet a 20 something would really choose a Mustang over an STI after viewing this.

No more living for the now

Whoa, the babyboomers carriage just turned into a pumpkin.
The report reveals that trailing-edge baby boomers (45-54 years old) actually spent the least of any age group per household on travel. They are also the most likely to reduce their travel spending in 2009, with 27% planning reductions in travel frequency and spending. Stuck in a middle-aged slump, trailing edge boomers with children in college, devalued homes and ravaged investment portfolios have been among the hardest hit by recent economic struggles. While boomers still represent a critically important consumer group, the permanence of their risk-taking and resulting financial scars will change the way this generation spends money for a long time, if not forever. Marketers should seriously rethink boomers' status as the golden target group, at least for the near term.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy Lopez

The greatest surfer ever from Florida's Gulf Coast just became a Pa-papa.

Here he is making the Gulf's shitty waves look teh awesome (he begins at the 5:40 mark). By far the fastest surfer I've ever seen.

Mah Sistah


The boomers had men landing on the moon as a kid and all we had was fun like Chernobyl. JenX asks how this impacted our childhood. For me personally, as stupid young lad, I just thought that "at least we'll go quick". All the doomsdayers really had us convinced the world was going to look like the final scene of Dr. Strangelove.

Maybe this is why so many bought into the "mushroom cloud" argument in the lead up to the Iraq War?

Hope he's right

It'd be nice if we're remembered as a bunch of tolerant mopes.
As for gay issues a whole new generation (and now the largest generation), the “Millennials,” along with their compatriots in Generations X and Y, have become widely accepting of gay rights including marriage.

Crass Cartoon

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Florida; great place to visit but I wouldn't wanna....

- Hubby has to taser wife to stop the whuppin'

- King Arthur wannabee attacks cops with medieval battle axe

- You're really not going to impress your ex-wife by hiding in her trunk and then popping through the backseat like a Jack-in-the-Box

- Lying about being pregnant is fucked up, but faking a miscarriage using animal tissue???
- If you steal a car please have the courtesy to leave the passed out girlfriend behind.
- A mother with a baby shoplifts at Walmart, gets caught, runs away with the goods but leaves the infant.
- Lotto winner opens a nude ranch
HT: Fark

More Gen X running for office

...but I'm not so sure Chris Simcox of Arizona is the answer. After all, he was the same dude that spoke of lynching Washington politicians.

H/T: OW (again)

Gotta give us props

No generation knows how to piss away talent like Generation X.

Yahoo Sports picks the worst NFL draft busts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After being away from work...

...I've decided that it really sucks sitting in my office. Time to be a free agent and find something else to do (yeah, yeah I picked a great economy to do that, huh?).

Somewhere over the past week Tyler Durden dropped into my brain.

Appreciate the nod....

.....but please be original and find your own path.
Two-thirds of its members wore flannel shirts during a recent practice session; another is in the early stages of a Kurt Cobain coif. Some of Completely Random’s influences were in heavy rotation on MTV in the 1990s — Nirvana, Green Day, a hint of Weezer; other influences match the influences of garage bands in the 1990s — the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix.

But Gen Xers were at least in their 20s before the members of Completely Random were born: Jack Campbell, who sings and plays guitars and drums, is 14; Sam Wattrus, who plays bass and is taking vocal lessons, is 15; J.J. Sivak, who sings, plays guitar and is learning drums, is 13.

Generation Jones (AKA: Young Boomers in denial)

This entire invention of Gen Jones is as stooopid as 'Intelligent Design'. I have a feeling it's going to lead to a lot of Internet pie throwing contests over the years. I'll be sure to place myself in the middle of it.

Let. Them. Die.

Stupid boomer still thinks there's a place for newspapers as a source for info.
Senator John F. Kerry will hold hearings in Washington next week on the financial problems facing the newspaper industry, as dwindling advertising dollars push many US papers to the brink of closure.

The hearings by the Senate Commerce Committee, beginning April 30, are the latest effort in the nation's capital to help out newspapers. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, Democrat of Maryland, introduced a bill last month that would enable newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits.

First we bloggers came for the newspapers. Then the nightly news. We'll finish up with cable news.

H/T: Oliver Willis

Get Well Soon!

Hang in there, Fridge.
Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William “The Refrigerator” Perry remains hospitalized in South Carolina.

Aiken Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Melissa Summer said Wednesday that Perry is in serious condition. The 46-year-old Perry has been hospitalized to deal with complications from Guillain-Barre (gee-LAN’ bah-RAY’) Syndrome, a chronic inflammation disorder of the peripheral nerves.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catch you later

Yo! I'll be on vacation til sometime next week. Everyone play nice when I'm gone.

TRANSLATION: I have an excellent attorney, and despite what I've done, I expect she'll spring me out of jail relatively soon.

Just curious: what posts of mine did you enjoy most? Conversely, what posts made you want to put your hands around my throat?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too much baseball, too much work I'll take the lazy way out and throw out some music.

Stepping down with dignity intact

You're a great one, Oscar.
"I'm announcing my retirement. . . . When I can't compete at my highest level, it's not fair -- to me, [or] my fans," De La Hoya, 36, said a news conference outside downtown's L.A. Live complex. "Knowing that you're never going to compete again is a tough decision, but now I am looking forward to the future of boxing. When I cannot compete at this level, I have come to the conclusion that it is over."

Revenge of Gen X

Sweeeeeet. The greying, man-boob developing New York Yankees knocked the hell out of the Rays tonight. 32 year old pitcher, AJ Burnett, told the youngins "you ain't gonna get around on me tonight, beeeyotches".

The Rays crowd learned that Goliath beats Davey most of the time. Well, at least I made sure those sitting around me tonight know.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad nights are still fun....if you add beer

Goddamn Yankees got smoked tonight by the local team (NOTE: I'm a diehard Yankees fan). I hate the Tampa Bay Rays.....actually, I take that back. I love their players, I just hate the local baseball 'fans' that didn't know they had a MLB team until last September.

When I left the game the score stood at 10-2 and the Yanks had conceded the loss knowing they would have to slay another day.

Even though the Yankees problems are multi-generational, it became evident that the mostly Gen X boys from the Bronx can no longer compete with the very young Rays. I wish some of the Yankees (won't name names now) would stop acting like babyboomers and instead step down with grace.

Can't wait to hear shit tomorrow from bandwagon fans that still don't know what the Infield Fly Rule is.

He didn't see it coming?

Strange. This dude feels as though Generation Y just popped into the scene last week. Dude, they've been trying to knock Gen X out of the way since their parents stuck those 'Baby On Board' signs in Volvo back windows!
One might say Generation Y is "high maintenance," self-regarding and selfish. And while it has grown up questioning everything — authority, parents, the government and even bosses — there is one label sometimes given to this generation with which I do not agree: lacking a work ethic.

I agree with him on this point. Gen Y'ers are little whiney-pissy prisses, but the MANY I work with cannot qualify as layabouts. My biggest issue with Gen Y is they cannot decipher what sucks from what doesn't. The way an item or idea is marketed to them is more important than actual usefulness.

...back in the day.

It seems as though we ended more chapters than we ever started.
I am part of that era that still bought vinyl records and listened to radio stations with Top Twenty Countdowns every week. I was a radio deejay at my college – I hosted my own program (listened to by about 20 people, most of whom worked at the station – not much has changed with respect to my audiences, come to think of it) on Friday afternoons. I became very good friends with the head of the radio station, CFRE Radio Erindale. This was a smart move on my part because he was also the night-time deejay at the Blind Duck, so come Thursday nights, I could virtually pick and choose what music I wanted to hear. In fact, I used to go record-shopping with Pete on Wednesdays to buy new stuff for Pub Night. I had it “made in the shade”.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

MY 500th POST

Quick shout out to those that drop by this fold of teh internets. ME MUCH APPRECIATE YOU!

It's really easy to get caught up in going to only the 'big guys' haunts- Atrios, Dead Spin, Ace of Spades, et cetera (hey, they work hard and deserve the traffic). I have a good time putting together a bunch of nonsense in about 20 minutes each night, so I'm REALLY amazed that there are those on this planet that find my site worthy of their time.



We're so getting retro'd

You probably heard this before on the Geico motorcycle commercial with the cavemen inexplicable walking away from a couple of hotties to get back on their slow-ass cruisers. 80's sound, complete with a drum machine and synth.

At least these youngin's had the decency to not completely suck.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need more Gen X in the Senate

Meet Jack Conway from Kentucky. (HT: Barefoot and Progressive)

Why I love YouTube

The most random events are uploaded to forever entertain those interested in the subject matter.

Below is Morbid Angel rehearsing in 1990. It looks as though they're living in the storage unit they've plugged into and their friends have come over to hang out and go deaf.

Florida; great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna....

-If you're a smoker, and you clean your apartment with gasoline, you have to expect these things.

-How romantic. He robbed a bank so his woman could stop blowing guys for a living.

-First they came for the Jello wrestling.....

-I don't think we're ever going to see a dead fish on an episode of Future Weapons. Really, it's just not that effective.

-Florida is so fucked up our citizens lie about being an illegal immigrant with hopes of being sent to Mexico.

-Just because a 10 year old girl is snooping and finds your porn stash it does not give you the right to waterboard her.

(stories sourced from FARK)

Really, really terrible

He died early Thursday morning in a car wreck in Fullerton, Calif. He was a passenger in a silver Mitsubishi along with three others when a van ran a red light and broadsided the vehicle. A female driver and male passenger in the Mitsubishi were dead when police arrived. Adenhart died at a nearby hospital as the result of his injuries.

Congrats, jackass! personally just made Eminem a lot more money.
O'Reilly, a longtime hip-hop antagonist, calls Eminem's depiction of Palin crude. A Palin lookalike dressed in a low cut bustier and business suit sits atop of an office desk, flirting with a shirtless Eminem posing as Palin's husband.

Foolish boomers like Tipper Gore to Bill O'Reilly never seem to figure out that each time they rail against a musician it makes that person's record sales go thru the roof.

Maybe one day I'll piss off O'Reilly enough for him to mention me? Then I'll possibly have enough traffic to attrack advertisors.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Yeah, boss." Cough. "Not feeling well today."

When there's waves in the gulf it's amazing how many people from work you'll see in the water. We all happened to be afflicted by that very contagious germ, 'Swellitis'.

Gen X Supa Model

Every feature on Christy Turlington's face is just a little different than anyone else.

...on this day in Gen X history

Wow. Didn't realize it had been that long ago.
Fifteen years ago today, I was just past the Ashland exit on Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway, on my way home from a class at UIC, when I heard the news on my Kenwood slide-out radio. I was listening to Q-101, my hometown's "alt-rock" station, and the DJ used the 30 seconds of talk time he was allotted in his pre-determined playlist to announce that Kurt Cobain's lifeless body was found at his Seattle home. Suicide. Shotgun blast to the head. Dead.

Et tu, Chris?

If he starts using "OMG" or "LOL" I swear to god I'll eat a dead dog dick.
It’s even attracting those that epitomize Generation X: Courtney Love, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Chris Cornell (ex-Sound Garden) are all active (Twitter) users.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slayer: Awesome Then and Now

Thumbing through the Rolling Stone Album Guide from 1992, when the babyboomers were making all the calls, I found this review of Slayer.
Thrash metal of an ugliness extreme even for the genre. Slayer is Tipper Gore's proper nightmare. They flourish song titles like "Mandatory Suicide," "Necrophobic" and "Reign in Blood." Bassist Tom Araya is, of course, a tuneless shouter. Guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman blaze away with furious, misguided technique that distinguishes thrash from punk's engaging sloppiness. The house metal band of rap-meister Rick Rubin, this is amazingly depressing stuff. Nasty, brutish and endless.

In 2004, after Gen X gained a foothold within Rolling Stone, they updated the album guide. Here's the review of Slayer's Reign in Blood:'s Reign in Blood that was the breakthrough and remains the classic. Produced and reduced by Rick Rubin, he honed their sound to a diamond-tipped, impossibly heavy bullet, the soundtrack of to a million skater wipeouts. Killers such as "Criminally Insane" and "Angel of Death" (hello, Josef Mengele!) whip by, but not before turning your stomach. Old fans were thrilled, and punks who avoided metal couldn't deny this thing's sheer rage and velocity. Articulate, rude and, once again, really, really, fucking fast, Reign in Blood was a watershed moment for speed metal, its fans, and the parents who were scared of both.

Down Unda

Sometimes they seem so overly-optimistic in Australia.
"Over the next 20 years, generations X and Y will become the dominant superannuation customers. By 2028 they will hold 84 per cent of all assets," says Monaghan. "At the moment baby boomers are the big segment with close to 47 per cent of all super assets, to which one should add the 12 per cent of the assets held by those born before 1942, so the total comes to 59 per cent.

Nursery schoolers are already being branded

I'll just be happy if Generation Z* has a better cultural icon than Paris Hilton...
If this sounds scarily like "all about me" generation Y (raised by the baby boomers), it is - but with an important difference. McCrindle says generation X parents are reacting against the baby boomers' overindulgent and free-spirited parenting style. Although gen Xers have a tendency to be "helicopter parents" - hovering over every aspect of their kids' lives - they are also swinging back to what might be termed traditional values.McCrindle explains this as an emphasis on old-fashioned notions such as work ethic, etiquette, resilience, fortitude and taking responsibility for oneself.
*can we please give them a cooler name.......PLEASE!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Last college hoops game til November

Did you really think I'd be posting tonight?

God, the game is terrible though. I'd rather watch my beard grow.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Xsters are horrible monsters

Yeah, the 1st thing I thought of when I heard of the mass murder in Binghamton, NY was "well some of them don't speak English". Go to hell Doughnut Debbie.
But it looks like most of those who were at the American Civic Association at the time of the rampage didn't speak English. And yet, most were there to take the citizenship test.

H/T: Sadly, No!

Patting his own back

We're so proud of this boomer for pulling himself up by his bootstraps and enduring the greatest economy any generation had been born into.
"You're in the tail end of the baby boom," he said. "There are a lot of people ahead of you. You're going to have to be smarter than them and work harder if you want to get ahead."

Indeed, there were many years of dues-paying.

Generation Jones (aka Baby Boomers in denial)

Even her opening paragraphs contradict.
I'm not much for labels or titles. Give me one that makes me feel shoved into a metaphorical box and I immediately begin to plan my escape. But
lately, I've been thinking about
Generation Jones, which is the fairly new label for people born between 1955 and 1965. Jonesers are smooshed between Baby Boomers and Generation X'ers.

I'm starting the think we should just let the boomers have them all.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Holy Christ

Look at this mugshot I found from the woman-dog-sex story from the previous post.

Hey Ladies, I hear he's single........

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Florida; great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna...

-911 operator teaches a woman how to get out of her locked car (audio available).

-Burglar attempts to break sliding glass window with his head (video available). Dear god, it happened in my county.

-Wow she's hot, too! And so was the woman she threatened to kill. 'A woman has been arrested and charged with stalking a teacher who was fired for working in a bikini.'

-Even the animals in FL are crazy.

-If someone claims to be a "door to door dentist" he probably just wants to drug you and explore places other than your mouth......check that. I'm afraid to think of what he actually did to one's mouth.

-Many have Casual Fridays in their office, this guy went all Naked Friday.

-I really hope Iowa succeeds in taking away our white Caddy driving, shuffle board playin' retirees.

-This poor manatee escaped from Florida, was caught, and now they're sending him back.

-I don't believe pouring chili onto your pregnant girlfriend means you got the last word in the argument.

-Woman caught with child porn......while in the act of having sex with a dog.

All stories sourced from Fark.

Speed Thrill

Haven't been able to get on the bike this week, so sadly I'm getting my speed thrill outta the system by sitting pathetically in front of the 'puter.

This thing is sick. The dude can barely control it.

Paying Respect to 'Zo

The Miami Heat retired Alonzo Mourning's No.33 on Monday, making him the first player in franchise history to have his number hoisted to the rafters of American Airlines Arena.

Mourning spent 10 1/2 of his 15 NBA seasons in South Beach, helping the team to the 2006 NBA championship. The 39-year-old is the franchise leader in points (9,459), rebounds (4,807) and games played (593), while Mourning also won two Defensive Player of the Year awards and earned six of his seven All-Star selections with the club.

I already miss plays like this....

I can't beat them

...but I'm not going to join them, either.
The enormously popular Facebook now hosts 175 million active users. While the site was initially created to keep young Harvard students connected, the fastest growing segment of users is now those over age 35, research indicates, and users visit Facebook and similar sites several times a day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Supa Model

When this pic came out a bike was the only form of transportation I owned.

*Model - Kathy Ireland (is she still selling that crappy clothing line to Kmart?)

Generations and Politics

There really are better blogs than this to examine the intersection between politics and Generations so I'll leave my thoughts outta this.
But far more intriguing are the less obvious and examined questions about the longer-term political implications. How is this argument actually playing out with young adults, the ostensible victims of Obama's spending spree? What do the Gen X and Gen Y voters who roundly rejected the Republicans in November think of the president's priorities today--and of the bill he is supposedly sticking them with?More broadly, is this really a viable road to generation reclamation for the GOP?

By far the best Gen X group

Really, it's not even close. it necessary for me to say "April Fools"?