Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deer shoots back

Not in Florida, but still noteworthy nuttiness. (via Fark)
"I've never seen an accident like this," Chief Deputy Coroner Paul Cycak told Channel 4 Action News reporter Jennifer Miele on Monday.

Cycak said state troopers saw a dead deer on Route 819 in Salem Township, and a wrecked bike with 47-year-old William Mark Amos underneath it, and they thought the man died from injuries he suffered in a crash Friday morning.

Amos, who was not wearing a helmet, was pronounced dead at the scene about 100 yards south of Ridge Road.

But when they lifted the 1982 Harley Davidson off Amos' body, they found a gun belonging to Amos -- and then discovered a bullet wound in the back of his head.

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Kath said...

But how -- no. That just does not make sense.

(Yep, shoulda been a Florida location.)