Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Subliminal messaging maybe?

Jesus. This was in magazines? Today's easily offended Morality Patrol would have shit an eggroll. Now it's too easy for them to organize and show up like a pack of rats, like they did in my state during the Teri Schiavo ordeal.

This reminded me of the 2nd worst T-shirt I'd ever seen worn by a Florida redneck. It read "Put your lipstick on my dipstick". I'm not easily offended or have been woven with a strong 'moral fiber', but I even thought he was a dirt-leg hick that deserved to have been tied down and then trampled on by women in 5 inch heels.


Sisu said...

How about the shirt that I saw on the sperm donor during a delivery last month: "It's not going to suck itself." My client base is soooo classy!

word verification is "pingsta"? Is that golf-speak for gangsta?

Kath said...

Would love to know if that ad was thought of by a man or woman -- and what magazine it was in. The cute reference to the "jewels" being on your lips is too precious.

Wek said...

Sisu- "It's not going to suck itself". Jesus. As though a girl is going to say "you're right mister, let me unzip your fly".

Kath- I think more of this lipstick would have been sold as gifts if it was advertised in a men's mag.