Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm surrounded by idiots and sociopaths

She could have offered to blow the trucker for gas $, but instead she offered to sell her kid.


Sisu said...

What in the hell is wrong with your state??

Kath said...

Sisu -- the sun must be really, really strong down there and it melts people's brains -- maybe?

There are some real winners in Florida. Wek, be careful, don't fall in their trap!! ;)

Wek said...

Sisu, it's hard to say. The born and raised mid-state and pan-handle crackers are insane. But we also get a lot of rejects from other states who come down here to "start a new life, get a 2nd chance". And they're probably worse.

K- It's hard to avoid the trap sometimes. When I was still just dating/hooking up I'd often meet a hot girl with a decent job, and they'd still live a Jerry Springer guest life. The book covers are most often better than the book content in my state.