Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another man's treasure

Better than a cheap Walmart knockoff.
TAMPA - A Hillsborough County man thought he was buying a Halloween decoration when he spent $8 for a box of bones at a yard sale in Brandon. But when he and his wife got the box home, they realized it was an actual human skeleton.

"I got looking at it and thought, gosh, this is the real thing," recalled Judith Fletcher, wife of Mitchell Fletcher, the retiree who bought the box of bones.


Bag Blog said...

Last year there was a story in an OK news paper about a body being used for years as a dummy in a carnival, before someone realized it was really a body.

Kath said...

Eewwww!! This is just another reason to be scared of Halloween. (Shudder.)

Wek said...

Love Halloween. Any ideas for a costume?

Wek said...

BB- I gather that OK has become the FL of the midwest.