Sunday, October 17, 2010


Had the employee been allowed to carry a hammer this would never had happened.
ORANGE COUNTY -- A hammer was the weapon of choice for two angry men Friday night.

According to Orange County Sheriff's Office, two men became upset after they were asked to show their identification at an ABC Liquor store on South Orange Blossom Trail. The two men left the store, but came back a short time later with a hammer and chased down the store employee, hitting him on the head.


Bag Blog said...

He must have been a baby boomer thinking of the old "if I had a hammer" song, or maybe he was a Bob Marley fan.

Rockie Bee said...

I should hope he wasn't a Marley fan; he may have returned with a 'Small Axe!'

Kath said...

WTF, no gun? Two guys sharing a hammer? For shame.

Wek said...

An armed with a hammer society is a peaceful society.