Friday, May 16, 2008

Pay Homage to our Influences

To say that Gen X is above having influences is ludicrous. Of course we learned from our elders to shape our own direction. Most often though we ventured past the 'No Trespassing' sign to find our idols in the most obscure places.

In the very late 1970's, when Punk Rock was virtually dead after Sid Vicious checked out and the record labels turned their backs on the genre, only 1 city kept the flicker of Punk Rock alive. That city was Los Angeles. The first great band they offered to us was X

X was lyrically intelligent, dropping words like the beret wearing poets of the 1950's. Guitarist, Billy Zoom, crafted riffs that sounded as Chuck Berry may have if he was raised by wolves and given a guitar.

Billy spoke of the bands longevity:

How were you four able to survive and continue making a run at it when so many of your peers passed or fell apart?

We never did enough drugs to die and never made enough money to quit.


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