Friday, January 22, 2010

Indie Films

For a bunch of azzholes we GenXsters were fairly creative. Sundance wouldn't have made it past year 1 without us.
The outlook for small-budget films looks the way it always has -- "kind of grim," Redford told CNN ahead of the start of Sundance, the indie film festival he started a just over a quarter of a century ago to champion filmmakers.

"There's always the bleak view for independent film but it does manage to survive," said the veteran actor and filmmaker. Redford said technology is changing the media equation and will help independent films reach wider audiences.


Sisu said...

Most of the time I'd rather watch an indie film. Hollywood just cranks out the same inane drivel in a different package...not a lot of new ideas coming from that sector.

And Randall was always my favorite.

Wek said...

I'm with ya. I can't stand all the action-thriller-killer high budget, low brain films.