Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're lame, too

No parents are viewed as "cool". If any GenXster thinks they're different know that they're delusional.

NOTE TO PARENTS: nothing is more lame than trying to act "cool" to a younger generation. Embrace the lameness and irrelevance that you inherit with age.

It is difficult to spend the day with a member of an older generation without hearing a phrase like “kids these days” and watching their grey-haired heads shake as young men walk by sagging their jeans.

This scenario truly raises the question: Is this generation that much worst
than the last? The answer: Of course not.


Sisu said...

My life's goal is to embarrass my children, because that's what parents do. But not by trying to act cool; I'd hate to throw them into therapy. Not to mention, all the "cool" things these days make me think the world is in an express hand basket to hell populated by what I lovingly refer to as "damn punks." The only reason I don't shake my graying head is I have a large hair-dye budget and I am in denial. Way to act like my grandparents while still in my 40s! Go me!

Bag Blog said...

I'm sure I do lots of things that embarrass my children, but they have gotten used to me.

Wek said...

My goal is to embarrass myself in front of my readers. I think I've succeeded on several occasions!