Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are you "formally hot"?

Personally I've found some grey on the chin whiskers over the last year. Whatever though, I guess I'll embrace becoming the 'creepy old guy'.
This morning, Generation X awoke to discover that its favorite jeans no longer zipped up effortlessly, its laugh lines stayed put even when it most assuredly had nothing to laugh about, and an entire generation knew Courtney Love only as that crazy lady on Twitter. Sure, it continued to make plans for Burning Man and enthuse about the new Arcade Fire, but it also found itself adjusting its reading glasses to take in the crushing news that it was now officially a "Formerly." As in, "Formerly Hot."

That's the verdict from author and (surprise!) women's magazine editor Stephanie Dolgoff, who according to this week's New York Times story most likely to make you want to drink a quart of Botox, is "currently struggling" with being "just the other side of young." Reporter Pamela Paul breaks down Dolgoff's approach to the passage of the time thusly: "You no longer have to be annoyed at being ogled by strange men on the street. Then again, you no longer are ogled by strange men on the street."
Welcome to the age of mixed blessings, you rapidly wrinkling Janeane Garofalo wannabes!


Bag Blog said...

You are only a "creepy old guy" if you are looking for women who are not part of your generation. Women of your generation should find you plenty sexy - even the gray hair.

Wek said...

Ok, but what if a cutie Gen Y'er comes onto me. If I didn't initiate the conversation then I'm no longer creepy, right?

Bag Blog said...

If a cutie Gen Y'er comes onto you, I say your probably not creepy. It is when the youngster is young enough to be your daughter that it gets creepy.

Kath said...

I like how she says "just the other side of young". Ain't we all? (Sigh.)

Altho, as you have in your title,I guess all dressed up I could be "formally" hot. :)