Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monkey Business

I'm back! For the most part, that is. May have to skip an occasional day or 2, but I'll be fairly regular again. Been a really sucky summer. Been put in bizzaro situations and had many conversations I never envisioned having. Some conversations you dread, but you know they're coming eventually. Blindsided, though, by stuff that should be in Florida trailer parks or soap operas? Fuck, it sux.


Bag Blog said...

Blogging is something you do for yourself - like art or music or whatever. When you are gone, you are missed, but it is okay. You are on my "follow" list so when you post, I will drop by. Sorry about the Sucky Summer. May it all turn out okay for you. We had a sucky spring and early summer, but things are smoothing out. Now it is just hotter'n hell.

Wek said...

Thanks BB! I'm so happy to be back. Missed ya!

Kath said...

Like BB, I do miss you when you're gone. You have an evil sense of humor that I need in my day!

And, holy mud, summer is practically over, so here's hoping what's left is good. :)