Monday, August 16, 2010

If I didn't hate cold weather I'd move

I know this happens everywhere. It's just always doubly sick in Florida.
Detectives found the men by trolling on the website Craigslist. They took out ads that simply read, “Mom seeking guidance for my daughter,” and, when the suspects answered the ad online, they actually traded emails with undercover deputies.

WFTV was the only local television station there as four of the men were taken away in a van (images raw video) ( explicit ). Ray Damon of Plant City spoke to reporter Blaine Tolison.

"I told her what she wanted so she would invite me here so I could hook up with her mother," Damon said. "I figured if she kept pushing it with the daughter, I was going to leave. That was it."

Fifteen men ranging in age from 18 to 67 years old, are among the worst people you'll ever meet, the Polk County sheriff told WFTV.

"This group of folks were absolutely as disgusting as any we've every arrested," said
Sheriff Grady Judd (watch interview) . "They're nasty individuals and they need to be exactly where we're putting them, in prison."

The arrests included men like Robert Chan, from Pinellas County, who allegedly brought Skittles for a 13-year-old girl he was after.


Kath said...

I hate when you hear about this kind of trash.

Wek said...

Hope they all get sent to Starke (that's the state pen in FL- very scary place).