Monday, August 23, 2010

So not helicopter parents

Sad that this poor boy probably missed his parents when they went to jail. (via Fark)
Entering the residence, Hopkins said he saw the man, later identified as Patrick, in the master bedroom lying on the bed. Marion County Fire Rescue personnel were summoned. Officials were able to wake up Patrick, who they say had slurred speech and difficulty standing.

Patrick told officials he takes medications and showed them the prescription bottles. Officials say the man told them he drank one alcoholic beverage.

Covered with a blanket and lying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of milk was Patrick's wife, Nicole, authorities said. The little boy said he poured milk on his mother in an attempt to wake her up.


Bag Blog said...

No kid wants to think that his parents are that awful, even when they are.

Sisu said...

I would like to reiterate that I really dislike people.

Kath said...

I agree with BB. Sad, but true.

Wek said...

Some days I sit and wish I lived as a hermit with a pet blog.