Sunday, August 22, 2010

And you thought no one lived here until retirees settled in FL

Wouldn't you be sad to know that civilization may have begun in FL.
TAMPA - In the pitch-black depths of an isolated North Port spring sits a silt-covered ledge that is revealing secrets about a prehistoric nomadic people, secrets held in murky silence for 100 centuries.

Now, with diving gear and artifact-collecting bags, archaeologists with the University of Miami and The Florida Aquarium are sweeping away the muck and uncovering that distant past.

This stuff could be as old as 13,000 years old, when wandering tribes traversed Florida. Their travels included stopovers at what is now known as Little Salt Spring, 90 minutes south of Tampa.

Artifacts are delicately uncovered from a ledge 90 feet below the surface, archaeologists say, offering up glimpses of what life was like for who is believed to have been Florida's first residents


Kath said...

Ha. No way. The artifacts are going to be a white belt and a pair of bifocals!!

Bag Blog said...

Kath is right. The same people that retired there were probably the first ones to visit there.

Wek said...

Is something wrong with a white belt? Should I get rid of mine?

Kath said...

Well, are your matching white shoes and plaid pants still in good shape? If so, then I guess not. ;)