Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glad I wasn't surfing here

Yeah, Redington Beach is about 5 miles south of moi.
A 48-foot yacht has mysteriously run ashore on Florida's Gulf Coast, west of St. Petersburg.

Detectives are still trying to figure out who owns the luxurious 48 Sundancer, which sells for about $1 million new.

No one has reported it lost or stolen. The only sign of foul play was the still-churning engine that propelled the ship onto Redington Beach.


Kath said...

Darn. When I went to read the article there was another piece on the side about a guy in his 20s or 30s with a clean shaven head robbing 2 Walgreens.

What HAVE you been up to? Grounding boats on the beach, robbing drug stores! My goodness, young man.

Bag Blog said...

I wondered where I left that!

Kath, I recently had jury duty where a clean shaven young man had robbed a walgreens - he was guilty.

Kath said...

BB, do you think he got out and has moved to Florida? I mean, I like Walgreens just fine, wonder what the attraction of bald guys -- oh, sorry, I mean, "clean shaven" guys -- is to Walgreens??

Also, if the boat is just left there -- can we have it? :)

Wek said...

When I need a little extra $ I pull out the ski mask and revolver and go to work. ;)