Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If you're unemployed...

...and need to fool a interviewer in believing you're not a slacker:
As I have been reconnecting with my professional network, I’ve realized that I belong to Generation X, a cohort characteristically described as being independent, situational, and comfortable with change and diversity. We are at ease with using digital technology to run simulations and mathematical models, to conduct business, and to maintain social relationships.

Each of our cultural generations have faced unique challenges as we lived through defining moments of economic and social changes. Though my life experiences have been unique to me and have played a part in shaping the person I have become — some aspects really do not differ significantly from the challenges faced by my generational peers. When sharing my personal narrative, I have been occasionally met with expressions of disbelief followed by support. Here’s how I try to combat the stereotypes of the ’slacker’ generation that I belong. Below are the more common questions I have fielded recently from my network:

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