Monday, December 21, 2009

Non-Tiger related golf news

I'm not going to link to the porn site, but if you enjoy porn I rec'd you Google it and check it out cuz it's a good one.
There are many ways of getting yourself banned from exclusive country clubs. Being poor or a minority are probably the most common, but letting them film a golf-themed porno there is probably the most exciting.

Raul Quintana owned a number of condos on exclusive Fisher Island, just off of Miami Beach. One day last year, he rented out one of the units to a "representative from a modeling agency" that wanted to hold a "photo shoot." You can imagine where this went.

Yes, the "photo shoot" turned out to be the filming of "A Sexy Golfing Experience," on the high-class site "Ass Parade." We'll let the Miami New Times pick it up from here.

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