Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In keeping with the AIDS theme today

I suppose tattooing your name on your lower back and across your shoulders is a good way to stop guys from forgetting it.


Sisu said...

So very wrong on so very many levels. Just...wrong. Right on par with the mom-to-be on our unit the other day with "Kumonme" at her bikini line and "Bang Me Daddy" across her back. We have a classy bunch here.

Wek said...

Oh wow. Wow. Guess the father-to-be must have thought it read "in me".

I have to think that even at my drunkest/horniest hours in my late teens I would have even told a girl with those tattoos to find someone else.

Kath said...

That tatoo is just -- well -- I -- no.

Sisu is right -- wrong on soooooo many levels. Talk about a tramp stamp!!