Monday, December 7, 2009

What about us?

Still a lot of unanswered details, but......

It looks like the Democratic Senators are exploring the possibility of expanding Medicare to those 55-64 years of age. Fucking great. What about the non-babyboomers that don't have insurance or are existing with shitty insurance? The boomers were graced with the greatest economy of any generation over their lifetime, so I have little tolerance for them getting a perk no one else is eligible for.

If this gets signed as it's presently being framed the Democrats can expect huge losses in the upcoming elections. And they'd deserve it. I don't even think the youngins' would necessarily go over to the Republicans, either - the last election showed that Gen Y hate their guts. The youthy ones will just embrace apathy as us GenXsters did during the 1980's and 90's.

Gawd, I miss the days when I just laid around not even caring about getting fucked over by the old goons in office. Somewhere along the line I fucked up and began caring about little things like how our tax dollars were spent. Shame on me.

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Jennifer K said...

Well, isn’t this wonderful. It seems like politicians only care about people over 50, once again. You’re right. For the most part, Boomers have always had things go their way. They have been able to take advantage of progressive ideas and benefits, and once younger generations needed these things it was BOOM! Nothing for you kids. Suffer. Boomers got their college educations paid through Pell Grants. But just as X-ers begin to enter college back in the 1980s Pell Grants got slashed. Welfare reform took place in the 1990s just as many X-ers began their families. And don’t get me started on Boomer women who took advantage of feminist ideas and then shit all over them and said to younger women, “Sorry, nothing for you.”

I know of one Boomer woman, a total right wing, finger wagging scold, who has lived off the tax payers her entire adult life. She spent most of her 20s on welfare. She got huge grants to go to college. She has a lot of kids so come tax time she got a lot back via tax breaks and child tax credits. And now that she’s over 60 she’s getting Medicare and Social Security. Yet, when faced with Gen X-ers and Millenials who are truly struggling her attitude is “Let pick themselves up by their boot straps.” She makes me want to vomit. She is truly the stereotype of the self-serving and greedy Boomer. She has stolen the best piece of cake, and has left crumbs for the rest of us.