Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strange days back then

It really sucked to be a hormone possessed teenager and had to worry about dying if I stuck my dick in the wrong girl.
In the early 1980's, when AIDS was rearing it's ugly head, Generation X was just coming of age. Many of our parents were divorcing, and our older boomer siblings were in and out of confusing relationships. This might be why AIDS, for most of us, was a distant disease. As a generation, we are more faithful than our boomer predecessors and have had fewer partners than our millenial successors. For Gen X, relationships are important. I'm not implying that they aren't important for boomers or millenials, but for Gen X, it's different. We look for fidelity; we look toward sharing. We look for long-lasting, meaningful relationships in ways the other generations don't.
I don't agree so much on our "meaningful relationships". Gen X has fucked up marriages as badly as the boomers.


Bag Blog said...

I would bet that Generation X had mucked up marriages (I went for alliteration) as much as any generation if not more so. I do think it has become politically correct not to talk about AIDS, but I would bet it is still rampant. Watch yourself (spoken like a mother).

Wek said...

Thanks Mom! :)