Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So you want to retire, huh?

Here's your choices:

  • Work during retirement
  • Spend less during retirement
  • Retire later to accumulate more $.


Sisu said...

According to my SS statement, my full retirement age is around 72. Just what someone wants: crabby 72 year old delivering her kid. "Stop yer whining and be careful; those are clean sheets, dammit!"

Kath said...

Isn't that SS statement scary? Especially when it shows you what you made in the first couple years you ever had a job?

I think mine shows if I work to
100, I might be able to "go part-time".

Sisu, at 72 then you could be saying, I've delivered XXXX amount of babies, get over yourself!

Wek said...

I plan on becoming an ex-pat so I can afford to retire on time. No lie.

Sisu said...

Kath, I already think that, so by the time I'm 72 I will definitely be verbalizing it.


Become an ex-pat somewhere not so full of teh crazy though.