Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too late

Our childhood entertainment is cheapened beyond even Elton John becoming a Vegas act.
This is an open letter to Hollywood movie producers, studios, directors and anyone else out to inadvertently ruin the cartoons, video games & toys that I grew up with by creating and releasing terrible films. Stop. Just stop it already. There are tons of talented screenwriters out there that have written some great original work. Give them a chance. You’ll spend less and you’ll no longer be destroying the building blocks of my childhood entertainment. I think I speak for most of my generation (somewhere between generation X and generation Y) in this regard.


Kath said...

And just leave some more of your childhood in the dust after Alex P. Keaton's "mom's" announcement today. Geesh. :(

Wek said...

Announcement? What? Who? Guess I'll have to google it.