Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is there a cool Gen Y'er we could trade Jennifer Aniston for?

Cuz I'm embarrassed to share a generation with her.
JENNIFER Aniston is growing increasingly depressed over the state of her love life — insiders say.

The actress — who has dated a string of Hollywood bachelors since her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt — is said to be down in the dumps due to her inability to find the man of her dreams.“Jennifer has got it all — the money, the fame, the cars, the clothes. But all she really wants is someone to share it with,” a source said.

“She’s becoming very depressed that every man she dates ends up letting her down. She’s desperate to settle down again and she’d like nothing more than to have a baby.”


Bag Blog said...

Maybe she is dating the wrong guys. You should send her your number.

Wek said...

Nah, she's too old for me. Ha!