Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots of Gen X going to the Hall of Fame

I guess this means our best athletes are officially old.
Pippen, Karl Malone and two of the best U.S. Olympic teams -- including that famed 1992 Dream Team -- were selected Monday as part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame's class of 2010.


Kath said...

Basketball? Are you even bringing up the subject of basketball????


I'm sure there are a few other athletes that are coming along. Hard to think of Scottie Pippen as old, tho.

Wek said...

I'm trying to make the Over 30 League Hall of Fame.

Sisu said...

The Mailman was the best thing about living in Utah. Muy mucho grande crush on him...and I usually go for men built more like runners. But DAY-UM! And, okay, he could play some ball.

Wek said...

What was that saying?: "The Mailman always delivers"

What, I don't know?

Sisu said...

Close. "The Mailman: he delivers! What can I say, the sports announcers in SLC aren't know for their ability to turn a phrase. Although they (unintentionally) did drop multiple f-bombs on a hot mike. And very shocking and hilarious occurrence in the mid/late '80s.

Wek said...

Malone was basically a freak. He's the only 6'9 guy I've ever seen that looks like a bodybuilder. As big as NBA guys are today I don't think anyone is put together as he was (still is?).