Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slacker Sarah

She took a long time to graduate college. She job hops often. Definitely a GenXster.
The problem is, her speeches are satisfying in the moment but they have no resonance -- because they're all about her. Palin has the self-confidence of the millennial generation, and the fire of the baby boom generation, but she gives speeches like she's a Gen-X slacker. If she wants to be president, she has to channel the idealism of the boomers, and the sarcasm of Gen X, but focus them not on her enemies, or on the wrongs done to her, but on corruption in government. She's capable of this, but she doesn't seem to want to go there.


Bag Blog said...

Having been on the 7 year degree plan myself, I understand Sarah very well. As for the job hoppin, well, women sometimes change their mind. I'm not sure that is generational.

I recently saw something on TV where a guy was surfing in Alaska! Yikes!

Wek said...

I've seen pics of those maniacs in Alaska. Those waves always look so dark and heavy (as well as freezing).

Jennifer K said...

I usually don't get on someone's case for taking longer than four years to graduate from college. It took me five years to graduate (I went to school part-time so I could work full-time to support myself).

What I couldn't figure out is how someone could study journalism and no get one article published in the school newspaper. Oh, yea, that takes work.