Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shot through the heart!

And Bon Jovi's to blame!
TAMPA — A fundamentalist antigay church is planning to visit Tampa to protest a church, a rock concert and a handful of schools this month.

Westboro Baptist Church, which gained notoriety for protesting at military funerals, listed Plant High School among its April 19 stops on the "picket schedule," school officials warned parents this week.

It also plans to visit Tampa Catholic School, the University of South Florida and Without Walls International Church to protest Catholicism and Judaism. A protest is also scheduled at the St. Pete Times Forum's Bon Jovi concert on April 17.


Sisu said...

Hate is usually not a word I use in all seriousness EXCEPT when referring to Phelps and his so-called church. Makes my head feel like it's on fire.

Wek said...

Him and his followers are the lowest members of the food chain. Those scum are probably disappointed that more servicemen aren't getting killed.

Kath said...

These people are so horrible!! And the fact that they tour around the country spreading and spewing more of their nastiness is, to me, further proof of how evil they are.