Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why is this national news?

I understand why a missing girl in central Florida is relevant to the locals, but I have no clue why all the cable networks became entranced by this story? All it does is scare the fuck out of parents nationwide and they in turn set irrational rules for their kids like not letting them ride their bikes to school.
Rescuers carried an 11-year-old girl out of dense, swampy forest in Florida on Tuesday, four days after she disappeared.

The team, carrying Nadia Bloom in a cloth stretcher, trudged through brush for nearly two hours to bring her out of the area near Lake Jesup, northeast of Orlando, Florida, said Chief Kevin P. Brunelle of the Winter Springs Police Department.

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Kath said...

Of course everyone is glad that she was found, but it was a bit over the top news coverage.