Monday, November 30, 2009

Never thought it'd come down to this

When I reflect back over the current era of Boy Bands I shake my noggin in disbelief that such talentless crap disgraced the airwaves. Then again, maybe much hasn't changed.

As a middle-schooler I used to make fun of Duran Duran mercilessly. If any dude had even been accused of being a fan of theirs it would ensure they got an ass beating and possibly the AC/DC logo carved into their chest with a guitar pick.

But, unlike today's boy band act, The Jonas Brothers, we all conceded that the members from Duran Duran were gettin' down with the ladies. I mean those guys were killing it. So much so that my friend's older sister was denied entrance to getting backstage. And she was a perfect 10. So hot that a year earlier Bon Jovi took her along for 2 tour stops after Tampa. Jesus was their mother mad.

Anyway, here's to Duran Duran for being the least wussy boy band (and they did play their instruments, too. Something that was beyond The Backstreet Boys).


Kath said...

Ewwwww, Duran Duran. No. Just say no to them!

Wek said...

Part of my 'dilemna' in creating this Gen X site is being true to the era. Unfortunately one cannot deny they had an impact on popular music during the 80s.