Monday, May 31, 2010

As long time, awesome commenter Kath points out

No, the baby boomers ain't ever going to retire. Adjust your career goals to nothing further than middle management.
As the economy collapsed last year, federal retirements dropped to their lowest level in seven years, according to statistics released Monday by the Office of Personnel Management.

OPM said 43,649 full-time permanent employees retired in fiscal 2009 — 27 percent fewer than OPM had projected would retire. Federal retirements haven't been that low since fiscal 2002, when 41,699 employees retired.


Kath said...

What the hell does that title mean? You are being goofy again!

And, no, they're not going to leave a Govt. job, no way.

Glad you're back -- I think.

Wek said...

Goddamnit I'm such a dumbass. I meant to type "awesome". I'll change the title.