Friday, May 7, 2010

Shoving her personal 'morals' onto central Florida

I'm skeptical that this idiot can read without running a finger tip under each word.
Longwood parent Tina Harden was so disturbed by references to sex and drugs and foul language in the world of fictional teenager Jenny Humphrey that she is ignoring overdue notices and phone calls from her neighborhood library and its bill collector.

Harden refuses to return several books connected to the Gossip Girl series that detail Humphrey's life, even though she's had them since 2008.


Sisu said...

Ya know, I'm almost sure people can decide whether or not the content is offensive to them without her help. Either that or she's using them to fuel some fantasies she doesn't want to own up to.

Bag Blog said...

While I agree that parents should do their own choosing and think just "keeping the books" is silly, it is actually a very unobtrusive way of protesting the books. Most parents assume that if a book is about or for a teen-ager, then the book must be appropriate material for teens. Since this is not the case, it is good that someone brings to light the inappropriate books. Then other parents become aware (pull their heads out) and can make that decisison for themselves.

Wek said...

A kid I went to grade school with wasn't allowed to read about Hank Aaron cuz his father is a bigot that hates black people. Very fucked up.