Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Billy Corgan. Forever an asshole.

The Smashing Pumpkins reunion with one original member. Great fun.
As the 1990s grunge sensation The Smashing Pumpkins gears up for tomorrow's release of its newest EP, the band has just one familiar face left in the lineup: the mercurial frontman, Billy Corgan.

Corgan, 43, has replaced every member of the band. The last original member to move on was 45-year-old drummer Jimmy Chamberlin in March of 2009. Corgan, who stated publicly that he fired Chamberlin, replaced him with Mike Byrne, a Portland native who turned 20 in February.


Kath said...

Doesn't this make you happy? Firing a 45 yr. old to give a 20 yr old a job? This is what you said is supposed to happen.

Wek said...

No. It's as lame as the Beach Boys where only Mike Love is the original member of the group.