Monday, May 10, 2010

They're still better than the boomers

Which actually doesn't say a lot.
Gen Y workers get a bad rap in the workplace, with many a geezer complaining that their work ethic is less developed than their sense of entitlement. But is that really fair?

Yes, according to new research that’s yielded actual data to back up that notion.

In a series of studies using surveys that measure psychological entitlement and narcissism, University of New Hampshire management professor Paul Harvey found that Gen Y respondents scored 25 percent higher than respondents ages 40 to 60 and a whopping 50 percent higher than those over 61.


Bag Blog said...

Years ago I read an article in Time Magazine called "Feeling Good about Doing Bad." It reported a study done on what would have been Gen Xers back then. After a serious academic test was given to students, they were asked how they thought they did on the test. Foreign students who did very well on the test said that they thought they did poorly on the test. USA kids who did poorly on the test thought they had done great. Basically the article was saying that American kids were taught to feel great about themselves, but they really should not be so proud of their low academics and so on. I was teaching jr. high kids at that time and they were pretty arrogant little turds.

Wek said...

Must have been Gen Y'ers. They're still made to feel good about doing a lousy job. GenXsters know we're dummies.