Saturday, May 15, 2010

BLLSHT double standard

I lived like a whore-pig well into my 30's and paid no price for it. Had I been a woman I'd have been villified.
This week, everyone is talking about young women's sex lives. Sure, that's pretty much always the case -- but this week saw the birth of an interesting debate about whether young sex-positive women are shunning the drunken one-night stands of yesteryear and reconsidering (whispers) abstinence.

It started up two weeks ago with a conference at Harvard called "Rethinking Virginity." Women bloggers from all corners of the Web gathered (in person!) to brainstorm about new and enlightened ways to think about female sexuality. The idea was to do away with the shaming and judgement. Slate's Jessica Grose attended the conference and felt that reality fell far short of that aim.


Bag Blog said...

Men are sluts.

Wek said...

True. But the girls that choose to live that way are treated like trash while I walked away without a hitch.

Kath said...

Back in the old days we called it a double standard. I never did understand how girls were to remain so pure and guys were encouraged to be -- what'd you call it? -- oh, yeah, a whore-pig.

Didn't seem a good balance at all!! ;)