Sunday, May 16, 2010

Must be bike race season

Cuz I see all the idiots dressing like Lance Armstrong peddle around the beach.
Reporting from Sacramento -- The fifth edition of the Amgen Tour of California begins Sunday with a race from Nevada City to Sacramento set as the first of eight stages that will bring cyclists to the finish line in Thousand Oaks on May 23, but Lance Armstrong's goal isn't to win this title.

Instead, Armstrong, 38, hopes to begin a 50-day push that will leave him well-prepared to compete for an eighth Tour de France winner's trophy in July.


Bag Blog said...

I'm on a mini-vacation in San Antonio with my hubby. One of the sights he took me to see was what he thought was an arts center. There were no galleries open, but there was a bicycle shop and a brewery - right up my hubby's alley. So we looked at bikes and drank beer. The best part of the day came when he took me to a VERY fancy steak house (to make up for the bicycle stuff). While we were eating, some ritzie people came in, and I said, "That guy has banana tits." My husband nearly spewed his drink across the table - I swear I can't take him anywhere.

Wek said...

Friggin' awesome! Glad I was somehow able to contribute to your vacation.

Kath said...

I don't drink beer, but those brewery places almost always have great food and great atmosphere. Lucky you, BB, for going there AND getting to also go to a steak house!

So no more man-boobs (which, I'm sorry, but gives me the creeps), now I have to say banana tits. I'll try to remember! (As if I could forget now.)