Thursday, May 13, 2010

Enjoy the now, right now.

We're taking over! At least until Gen Y becomes old enough to push their own candidates.
The new British prime minister is the first major world leader who comes from my generation. He is 43. I am 43. Anybody care to venture how a Gen X world leader will be different, both in style and substance, from Baby Boomers? Obama is an interesting case because though he's technically a Baby Boomer, he does seem to be more of a Gen X figure. But there's no doubt that Cameron is the first Gen X world leader of the first rank. He is also bound to have a different point of view on economics -- he came of age under Thatcher, after all, and did not have his political consciousness formed by the economic struggles of the 1960s and 1970s -- and on moral issues, for the same reason. The world that formed Reagan, Thatcher and their supporters was not the same world that formed David Cameron. Nor, for that matter, was it the world that formed Bill Clinton.


Bag Blog said...

The world is watching - I hope he does well.

Wek said...

Are you saying there's "Hope and Change" in England?