Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another example of why "WHAT IF'S" suck

Some fool envisions a very baby boomer ending had Kurt Cobain and Andrew Wood survived.
To elaborate, during that decade’s former half, Seattle was busting at the seams with a musical movement far more chaotic than anything that generation had ever seen. Sub Pop Records became an epicenter for the spearheading grunge band Nirvana; elsewhere, a fallen band known as Mother Love Bone splintered off following the death of frontman Andrew Wood, thus culminating in a few remaining members seeking out new vocals (from Eddie Vedder) and forming Pearl Jam.

When grunge music came to a slow fade after Cobain’s death in 1995 and the dwindling tour successes of Pearl Jam toward ‘96, we here in the time of Creed (again) and Puddle of Mudd pondered the possible pasts and futures of a different world originating via Generation X. A world apart from our own, where not only had Kurt Cobain lived a much longer and more fruitful existence, but perhaps Pearl Jam never existed. For better or worse? You decide.


Sisu said...

I actually liked Mother Love Bone better than Pearl Jam. Blasphemy, I know. And I liked Seattle better with all the flannel and Docs than I do now. Can't hardly stand to drive up there these days.

Wek said...

No, no, no! MLB was better!!