Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Eddie Van Halen "Frankenstein" Replica

I bought a cheap Strat wannabe, stripped off the paint, and created my own "Frankenstrat" for less than $120 in parts and supplies. Doesn't stay in tune long, but it sounds surprisingly awesome with the pickup taken from a Jackson ghee-tar.


Kath said...

Don't know why you did that, but it looks good.

How many thousand guitars do you have now?

Rockie Bee said...

What, are you trying to re-create the winders of a 1990-era pawn shop in your living room? Nice work, though, good call on the Jackson pickup. Jackson/Charvel/Charvettes look arful but sound great.

Aaaaah, the EVH Frankenstrat. 1990-era pawnshops were full of them, either homemade like yours, or the Kramer version. The other inmates, the testaments to music careers failed roughly about the same time they began, way back when, were the Dean 'Z' and the Hondo Les Paul copy. Oh yeah, and HM Strats ("They're specifically designated for (H)eavy (M)etal!").

Wek said...

K- I've bought and sold many guitars, but continually go back to the only axe I've had for the entire last 10 years now- my black Gibson SG.

Rock- I had to build this after seeing the 25K price tag for an Eddie approved replica. Can't afford that! EVH was the first guitarist to make an impression on me. Not the most influential to me, but the 1st to grab my attention.