Monday, June 7, 2010

When will Hollywood recycle these movies, too?

I'm just oh-so-joyful that these films are being remembered, really I am, since they deserve to be, but lets hope they don't get cheapened by a cheesy remake like the Karate Kid.

Anyway Listen to Bookslut.

And thus springs the central thesis of You Couldn’t Ignore Me if You Tried, the latest in a recent trilogy of Generation X nostalgia volumes from the disaffected (now middle-aged) youth who defined an era of irony and cynicism. (The prior two Gen-X manifestos, Lizzie Skurnick's Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading, and Marisa Meltzer's Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music, each tackle teen fiction and ‘90s rock, respectively, allowing You Couldn’t Ignore Me to round out the pop cultural triad by bringing a discussion on Gen-X film to a table already stacked with books and music.) Written by Susannah Gora, a revered film critic and the former editor of Premier magazine, You Couldn’t Ignore Me is a deeply researched, high-cultural analysis of the type usually found amongst the best in academia, all the while composed in a thoughtful, tongue-in-cheek narrative that lends a certain amount of relaxed and streetwise gusto to Gora’s prose, easily befitting any quintessential Hughes (or Hughes-ian) script.


Kath said...

Hawaii-5-0 is going to be a "new" series on TV this fall. (No, I don't remember it, but I've seen reruns.)

That seems to be reaching a bit farther back.

Bag Blog said...

Books are always better. I can see some movies being re-done and done well, but Gen X will probably screw it up :)

Wek said...

I know the theme song from HI 5.0 That's about all.

Gen X can fuck up anything. I'm used to it. But at least we know enough to not call our shit "awesome".