Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guess Kurt did make an impact

I remember the media showing lots of upset little kiddies when Cobain put the business end of the shotgun in his mouth. It seemed so weird that a pre-teen identified with a punk band. Ahh, who am I kidding. I was a devastated 7th grader when Van Halen broke up.

HR: What is this stuff about Kurt Teixeira?

MT: You know what? When I was a kid I was a big Nirvana fan. And, uh, Kurt Cobain unfortunately passed away when I think I was in eighth grade. And when you're twelve or thirteen years old and your favorite band isn't gonna make any more music, you take it pretty tough. So, uh, I went by an alias for a little while.

HR: Yeah, your mom said... Mark's mom (on video): Mark tried to change his name to Kurt when he was, uh, because he loved Kurt Cobain when he filled our forms he would put, he would sign "Kurt Teixeira", so we had Kurt Teixeira things coming to the house for a while. I'd go, "what is this?" and it was because he had this thing for Kurt Cobain.

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Kath said...

Don't remember ever wanting to change my name, but for a long time when I was little I wanted to change the month my birthday was in. Quite insistent about when I was little, according to my mother. (Altho, what she may have said was I was a brat about my b-day.)