Monday, June 14, 2010

How the fuck do these things happen to people?

And why is it always in Florida?
ISLAMADORA, Fla. -- Deputies responding to a 911 call in the Florida Keys made an unusual find: A man trapped in a recliner chair after the stuffed head of a water buffalo fell on him.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says dispatchers received a call early Friday from a man who could only yell his address and tell operators that he was crushed.

When deputies arrived at the home, they discovered the man trapped in his recliner chair. He had apparently fallen asleep and woken up when the head of a water buffalo, hanging on a wall, fell on his lap.


Bag Blog said...

Thank goodness it was not an elk or deer with all those antlers.

Wek said...

Ha! Good point.

Bag Blog said...

Was that pun intentional?

Wek said...

Dear gawd, no. I'll apologize for not noticing I made a really bad joke.