Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Weasel

At least it's not a remake. Still, I'd sooner be found at an Eagles concert than in a theatre playing this.
90s star Pauly Shore, is trying to hustle up some celebrity points and get back in the game with his new comedy 'Adopted' and this time, unlike poking fun at his self in 'Pauly Shore Is Dead', Pauly Shore is getting all the funny off of the backs of two black children. This is just waiting to be a barrel of laughs. Adopted is the self-directed, straight-to-dvd film starring Pauly Shore as an Angelina Jolie/Madonna type figure going to South Africa, bumbling through the adoption process, crashing Oprah Winfrey's school and just overall being irreverent to what happens when pop culture celebrities meet face to face with charitable causes. The guys over at Huffington Post caught up with Pauly Shore to discuss the movie further, so here's some snippets of him making light of the situation:


Kath said...

Never, never could stand him. Doesn't sound the least bit funny. He's just creepy and NOT funny.

Wek said...

I liked him around 1990. I'll admit.