Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet Mugshot

Looks like the cops didn't let her put in her teeth. via: Fark
Tarpon Springs, FL -- A Tarpon Springs woman accused of running over her boyfriend with her car Saturday was in court to face attempted murder charges.

The judge ordered 58-year-old Kathy Wolanin held without bail. Police say she was following her boyfriend as he walked along Pinellas Avenue and tapped him with her car. He turned and hit the car's hood. Police say that's when Wolanin hit the gas and slammed into him on purpose, knocking him into the roadway, before taking off.


Kath said...

Whoa -- she "tapped" him with her car?? Interesting terminology.

No, I am NOT laughing. That is not the least bit hilarious!

Bag Blog said...

There was a woman in TX years ago in a big profile case who had run over her boyfriend - several times. Then said that it was an accident.

Kath said...

Oh, BB, wasn't that the woman who had followed him to a hotel, where he was with his GF? And when he came out she ran over him and then backed up over him?

Wek said...

Cars and angry girlfriends kill.

Bag Blog said...

Kath, that sounds right. Nothing like a woman scorned.