Tuesday, September 7, 2010

After putting up with boomer music for 50 years

It seems about time at least 1 radio station gives enough of a fuck about us to spin our tunes.
New slogan at the former current-focused rhythmic Hot 93.9 KIKI is “Your generation’s ol’skool.” The appeal is to Generation X listeners who want a great deal of variety, including some Hawaiian flavors, but a rhythmic beat throughout the playlist.


Bag Blog said...

Ah, but the boomer music is so good. Hawaiian flavor?

Wek said...

Some is good, no doubt. The Kinks, Ramones and Black Sabbath were all awesome boomers.

Kath said...

What the hell is Hawaiian flavor? Don Ho???

The Ramones -- now, that's good stuff. And Black Sabbath. The Kinks --- not so much with them.