Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He must work for BP

This man should be given a straw and forced to drink the mess he created.
According to a Charlotte County Sheriff's Office report, Obidov told employees at the station that he'd accidentally put unleaded gas into his diesel engine car. He then attempted to use two garden hoses to pump the gas out.

The fluid from one hose drained onto the asphalt near a storm drain, and the other
hose drained down a grassy slope that leads to a protected wetland area, 6 feet away from a sign indicating the protected area.

When approached by the Wal-Mart Assistant Manager who pointed out that he was draining the gasoline into the wetlands, Obidov reported stated "I got to do what I got to do" and continued to drain his fuel tank.


Bag Blog said...

I did something like this in Italy, but the attendant went nuts - screaming and carrying on only as Italians can do. When I started crying, he let up on me. I worried the rest of the day that my car would blow up on the auto-strata.

Kath said...

But did you drain your car out on protected wetlands? Doubt it.

People like this gyt piss me off bec. they're so sure it's ok, bec. it's not at their house. Jerk.

Wek said...

There's lots of dumpy neighborhoods in FL this act would have been perfectly acceptable. There's a redneck stronghold not far from me where I would have encouraged this (just as long as they lit it on fire after he dumped the fuel).